Still the Best way to Remove Listing to Re-Add?

Looks like I should have paid closer attention. Two child listings of mine were pulled – same Bamboo verbiage issue, I overlooked something on these – and it looks like its one of those Listing Removed situtations where no edit will fix them.

So going to remove them and re-add, hopefully recovering all the inventory sitting at FBA.

Best way still:

Do Flat File Inventory Loader with “delete” set to “x” on the given product skus.

Wait 24 hours.

Re-add the listings with same sku and GTIN (with the edits, of course)

And then back in business?



@oneida_books - This one is for you for the best advice IMO.

@casbboy - How are you doing / how are things going? Been a long time since I’ve seen you here.


Sorry i didn’t see this post.

Delete/Re-add will do nothing here. The data is locked already by Amazon.

What you need do is:

  1. Fix your data.
    A. It likely won’t change the PDP
    b. If it somehow does consider yourself very fortunate

  2. Open a case with support
    A. State that the data is in violation, is not being updated and you need help fixing the violating data

      I. Provide the SellerSKU and the fields you updated to remove the violating data.

      Title old: ___________________
      Title new: __________________

    B. You will get the same “delete and re-add” nonsense
    C. Say you did that and Ask for the Catalog Team to help
    D. Continue with “Escalate to the Catalog Team” after each nonsense reply form support while including the same SellerSKU and field data.


Ahh, I wish I saw this earlier.

I removed the listing with the expectation to re-add it with the content fix.

However, when I re-added I got this error:

Merchant SKU already exists. Merchant SKUs cannot be reused, even if a previous offer using the SKU has been deleted. Please use a new SKU to create this offer.

I have some hundreds of units stranded at FBA, I’d love for them to re-connect to proper fnsku.

Is there any way to get around this issue?


Did you go through your Stranded Inventory? You should be able to recreate the SKU that way.

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not sure what you mean.

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There is a page for Stranded Inventory in your Seller Central. It will let you relist.

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Ah, yes, I tried that before. I couldn’t relist as the ASIN was restricted since they required me to remove and re-submit the listing. So the relist was rejected. So I removed the listings, as they recommended I do.

I still see the two listings under Fix Stranded Inventory.

When I hit “relist” now, it just says: " * Sorry, the SKU you have provided doesn’t match any of our records."