Stolen Images on Alibaba

I’ve noticed an increase in the amount of Chinese sellers stealing my images and using them on Alibaba. In the past I’ve just ignored them but it’s gotten worse. It’s not just basic product images anymore, they’re posting my EBC and one seller even posted my product video. Anyone have a process for taking down these sellers/images? I’ve been trying to find a report seller / file a complaint page but cannot locate one.

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You can try this page for reporting copyright/trademark infringement that is listed on any of AliBaba Group’s platforms:

Here’s their FAQ page:

I hope that helps.


I’ve seen sellers on alibaba selling counterfeits, what they do is they put “OEM” or “YOUR BRAND” over the brand name, and it’s obvious what the original brand is, and it’s obvious that if you contact them asking them to buy a replica that they’ll do it. Alibaba clearly doesn’t care about this.

According to that FAQ page, it says if you file a takedown, the other party can just file a counter-notice, after which there’s not a lot you can do unless you get some kind of court order (from a US or china court, I don’t even know).

Remember that alibaba is a chinese company, the sellers are mostly chinese, and that US laws for the most part do not apply to them. In my opinion trying to enforce anything on alibaba is going to be a lot of banging your head against a wall and not a lot of results.

There’s tons of listings like this:

“Walking shoes”

The 3rd image on this one claims they’re putting real serial numbers on the product.

If Nike and Apple can’t enforce effectively it’s unlikely anyone will