Stranded inventory weirdness

First-time caller.

A few months ago I sent inventory to FBA and while in transit it was the subject of a dangerous goods review. (It was not classified as dangerous when I shipped it.). (Sidebar: the product could not pass review because the mfg doesn’t have an SDS and won’t spring for one.)

Natch, Amazon destroyed my inventory when they received it, or so they said.

Today, months later, I get a notification that some of these “destroyed” units have popped up as stranded inventory. However, they say there is no corresponding ASIN so I am unable to return it, dispose of it, or liquidate it.

I have no idea what to do. I’m afraid that doing nothing will cause a metrics hit. Has anyone run into this, or something like it?

Welcome @submerged and so sorry you’re dealing with this.

:flushed: I’m going to tag @oneida_books @ASV_Vites @Tried_Tested and @VTR for some insight here. I’m certain that I’ve read about this happening before, but I have no recollection of how Sellers dealt with it.


I’m spitballing here. I believe I had a similar situation a few years ago.

  1. Is there stranded inventory under Inventory > Stranded?

  2. If so, it might not be scannable or the barcode may not appear as the listed ASIN - in which case you would have to create a new condition for the inventory with new fnsku

  3. Once this is done and it goes from stranded to unstranded - distinguished with a different fnsku it is ready to sell, and unstranded - then proceed to remove from inventory (seeing that you don’t know what the condition of the units are)

  4. Have you had any labeling issues? Incorrect FNSKU or putting the ASIN instead of the FNSKU on the scannable labels (this is what happened to us)

Again, just a guess.


Yes, the stranded inventory is listed under Inventory → Stranded

The original listing was not mine – it was listed by the manufacturer – and I believe the original ASIN and SKU were deleted.

That’s an interesting idea! By condition, do you mean change the condition from New to Like new or something like that? The problem is, there’s no SKU. So I don’t know where or what I would change.

  1. Even if the original sku is deleted and you’re just sharing the buybox then you should be able to use the same asin and sku - it’s still in the catalog. I, again, spoke from my own experience, thinking this is a PL product.

  2. My previous reading was you knew the asin and fnsku and thus my prior response, but in this case you should be able to list under same ASIN and SKU barring any other restrictions that are unknown - branding, gating etc which may lend itself to other issues.

  3. In order to receive items - amazon would’ve had to have the FNSKU label on the items to scan originally so I would just use the same - even if its currently deleted, it should still be in the catalog. Do you have any shipment errors?

All I have for now.



Thanks so much, that is very helpful! I’ll give that a try and update my post.


UPDATE: I went to Seller Support to start a ticket with the goal of posting to the Amzn forum so a mod could help. The support process had me put in the FNSKU and submit, which then returned a message that I would now be able to create a removal order. Which I did, to return the inventory back to me.

We’ll see if it gets out the door of the FC without some bot blowing up the whole thing, but so far so good.