Sudden increase in FBA fees for ALL products

Good morning,

I just noticed an increase in the FBA fees for all of our products of about 1-2% on average (in some cases, up to 6%). This is not a single change in a product’s measurements, and of course, it’s in addition to the increase that took place on March 1st, which we immediately recorded and updated in our records. I don’t know what the hell is going on, and of course, reporting it is not going to go anywhere.

Wondering if the other FBA sellers here have noticed it.

Did you check your fees against the FBA fee schedule? You can click on the FBA feee amount in your transaction details to see what dimensions they are using for calculating the fees.

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I did - everything is the same as a few days ago, but the total fees are suddenly higher for all products. I even requested remeasurements for several of them, and the ones that have been performed confirmed that the current values are correct.

IIRC there was supposed to be a slight fee increase of a few cents per unit. I believe march was the point of implementation.

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@Gandalf this is in addition to the March increases, correct?

I’m moving this to Fulfillment by Amazon.


I tried searching for the increase chart but couldn’t find it.

The “non Help” feature in Seller Central is worthless. I just spent 30 minutes trying to find the current rates. OMG, I thought I was relatively capable to figure this out but apparently not.


I always find the current fees by searching for FBA fees then click another link from the first result. Here is the direct link to the fees page.


That’s what I was looking for! Bookmarked. Thanks! What has always angered me is the increase between small and large standard 4oz. An increase of $.66 when going from a thickness of .7in to over.75 in. :rage:


Yes, that’s correct.

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Looking at the 2023 fee changes, I’m seeing 2 things that may have casued this:

None of them, however, should apply to us. We do not have a “high cube” of inventory relative to the cube of our recent weekly sales, as our sales have been quite steady for the last months. In addition, we do not have any inventory older than 90 days. These are the two only changes, though, that I saw occured in April… so mystery still unresolved, or Amazon is applying those in broader terms that they’re saying. Either way, the customers will be the ones that ultimate pay for this :expressionless:

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The 2023 fee changes with 2022 comparison is what I was looking for. Thanks!

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