Suggestions for Amazon Gift Wrapping supplies


I am considering offering the Gift Wrap option on several of our products that are FBM - many of those are customized products. So it would seem gift wrap would be a good option to attract more buyers.

The only part I’m stuck on is the gift card portion - what do you use? I can’t think of an elegant way to insert a 4x6 thermal label-printed gift message into a gift card.


Not exactly “elegant” but some ideas to show effort:

  1. Stick the label in the middle of a fancy/festive sheet of square paper and fold the corners inward to meet in the center, before putting it into a square envelope.

  2. Stick the label on the bottom half of a piece of fancy/festive cardstock, fold the top half over, and insert into matching envelope.

  3. Stick the label onto a 5x7 piece of fancy/festive cardstock, punch a hole in one corner, and thread some matching paper curling ribbon through.

  4. Wrap the edges of 5×7 fancy/festive cardstock in cloth ribbon (like a border) and stick the label in the middle.

  5. Place the label on a 5x7 piece of fancy/festive cardstock and place into a glassine pocket. Seal with decorative sticker.


thanks for those great suggestions!

Does anyone have a screenshot of how a gift message or gift wrapping will appear on an order in Seller Central? I tried the Google but my powers are not strong enough.

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They say it only shows on the packing slip.

Probably also show in Order Reports


Just to say @Setalpz, I offered gift wrapping on Amazon for years and never had a single taker. To be fair, many of my products naturally included gift wrapping already, and my other products had mostly institutional or government Buyers–but there just didn’t seem to be demand on Amazon.

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Thanks very much. Someone brought up a great point - a buyer might try to enter additional order details here especially on custom orders.

For years I have looked at the gift wrapping options when creating listings but have never enabled it. Where can one find the requirements/best practices recommended when gift wrapping something for a customer? Surely there is some guidance because my idea of a decent gift wrapping presentation probably would be found unacceptable for 95% of the population.
The many uses for electrical tape- Band aids, gift wrapping and so on

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