Surprise? Methinks Not...

  • SCREENSHOT (courtesy of Danny 1976’s sleuthing skills):

Despite the utter- and widespread-chaos caused to Amazon’s Global Catalog @ their hands alone in 2021 & 2022 (which was a long-trending topic of discussion in the OSFE, in many a thread, and which brought forth supposedly-soothing replies from the FMT & the AHT SMEs alike), Amazon has STILL not yet kicked DABLIZ GROUP INTERNATION TRADING LLC to the curb.

Is it really any wonder why so many of us place so little stock in Amazon’s PRs?


And yet nobody recognized that connection to the past Generic listing hijackings on NSFE.

We took the liberty of highlighting that fact on NSFE from reading your fore mentioned notation above.

It doesn’t surprise us that you were the one who caught this hidden little gem of knowledge within that post … well done once again!


Marbles, my friend, you - and anyone else here - will ALWAYS be welcome to follow my breadcrumbs, in that or in any other manner which is seen fit from the user’s point of view.

I have been constrained, w/ the advent of the NSFE, from being able to continue trying to Pay Forward the unpayable debt I’ve incurred via my (active and/or passive) participation in earlier iterations of the ASF, so I am deeply indebted to folks like you who bravely soldier on `cross a battlefield I fear to tread.

My word has always been my bond, and my word is that you’ve taken NO undue liberties with your aforementioned NSFE reply to that discussion - but if anyone ever feels the need for an unassailably-signed, legally-binding Disclaimer of Rights document before reproducing, in even the smallest detail, anywhere, ANY & ALL of my un-copyrighted work product(s), I shall cheerfully provide it.


Seller_tphwM6kaQfs5o posted as DABLIZ GROUP INTERNATION TRADING LLC today.

A few additional previous OSFE reports of hijacking by DABLIZ GROUP INTERNATION TRADING LLC:

If the op used “please” one more time,

Bang, zoom, straight to the moon.

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Nope. :expressionless:

Could they have actually been a victim of some nefarious Amazon “consultant,” perhaps, along the lines of those criminals indicted and found guilty of a variety of illegal activities, including sabotaging and vandalizing the selling accounts of former clients with soured relationships?

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Seller_tphwM6kaQfs5o shows as poster Shayla_Payla on NSFE (as refered to in @Dogtamer’s original post above).

The hijacking of Generic was complete through all listings that were Generic and not limited to a select few. We doubt it was done so wide spread as to be a cover for a targeting of specific former clients with soured relationships.

The most notable thing we see now is the fact that the USPTO filing has a USA address in North Carolina and was executed on February 4, 2022 which is about the same time (or shortly before) the Generic listings where brand hijacked. The hopeful point would be that USPTO published on January 17, 2023 which is 6 months ago and this filing has not made it to registered status yet.

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As an update, @Atlas_Amazon has deleted all images of the OP and replied with

Completely ignoring the DABLIZ GROUP INTERNATION TRADING LLC connection.

Yes, there was quite the furor around this issue (actually, beginning in Q3 of 2021), and many, many threads (some of which were “DUPLICATES”); the ‘main’ OSFE thread on this topic, as designated by SEAmod, KJ, Bea, & Gary in replies they made to many another, was also authored by long-time forum vet Dark Lady (as was the first of the three which you’ve linked), “Unable to list generic items” (link, NSFE v.).

That’s the thread I had in mind when I used the phrase “…supposedly-soothing replies from the FMT & the AHT SMEs alike…” in my initial post here.

The reason why I chose the qualifier “supposedly’ in crafting that sentence - indeed, the reason why I chose the title for this topic-thread as I did - is rooted in the multiple posts made by KJ which referred to the snafu as '…an isolated technical issue…”.

Our friend @Roxy, in her inimitable straight-to-the-point fashion, posted what I think most observers might agree was the best retort to that assertion:

Now, I don’t fault KJ from referring to the situation in that fashion, as I’ve no doubt that this is what she was instructed to say in public - but I would submit that one doesn’t need to be as good at sleuthing as are our friends @TheOrangeCrush, @Medic, @Lost_My_Marbles, @oneida_books, Rox, or you, et. al, in order to properly connect the dots here.


As our friend @dwat0870 pointed out in the first reply to that discussion, the OP was indeed in violation of the PII proscription, so I cannot fault AHT SME Atlas for removing the images.

I think you’ve done the best that can be expected - well, maybe short of linking one of Dabliz’s two Browse Bins - with your reply to Atlas’ post mentioning the miscreant by name.

Sadly, it will not surprise me if that winds up being redacted, too…

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I don’t get it - TESS at the USPTO clearly says that the trademark at issue is DEAD.

There’s no basis for it being the subject of any trademark complaint at all. You send a screenshot of the TESS status page, and you are done.

The original filing is dead. The second filing (showing in Dogtamer’s last image above) is still live and going through the publishing phase.

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AND - quite-decidedly, to my current POV - rather-unlikely to meet actual matriculation from Serial Number to Registration Number, if our legal eagles have anything to say about it.

There’s a reason why USPTO established the “Published For Opposition” mechanism.


And with any luck … maybe … just maybe … this mechanism will spare us all


So Amazon accepts a mere USPTO Application as a basis for something?

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Amazon accepts a USPTO application with serial number to be able to get into Amazon Brand Registry … so yes.

What concerns most of us is that DABLIZ GROUP INTERNATION TRADING LLC is the “brand name” that created havoc by changing all “Generic” branded items to “DABLIZ GROUP INTERNATION TRADING LLC” in late 2021 thru 2022. During this period, several branded items also were brand hijacked (including some of ours). The “Generic” brand hijacking was the biggest and had the most impact on sellers on Amazon.

So to see DABLIZ GROUP INTERNATION TRADING LLC pop up in any NSFE discussion in any way at this point is concerning and something to pay attention to.


There was also “Artist Unknown” - same scam