Suspected Intellectual Property Violation - What is Overview?

I received this for a product that correctly refers to the protected brand as “Compatible with…”

What in the world does the Amazon.CA rep mean by listing all affected ASINs in the “Overview”?

What is overview


Sure, it means…
I haven’t got a clue.
I have never seen that before.

I think I found it. It is on the first page that you submit your appeal on - and it already has ALL of the information needed if it is a single ASIN you are responding to.

That said, the instructions (or lack thereof) remain horrible.

Found It

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I wish Amazon would increase their associates’ pay to $2.00 an hour. I guess they feel it is more efficient to pay an associate $0.50 an hour to handle inquiries wrong 4X instead.

My item was falsely flagged. I changed nothing of substance in the listing. I added a period to a bullet point. Submitted appeal.

1st Associate said I need to submit all ASINs at once (hello, there’s only one ASIN affected). I tell him ASIN is “fixed” and now in compliance.

2nd Associate said that my images were not in compliance. So I humored them and changed out 1 of my photos with an alternate photo. Resubmitted.

3rd Associate told me my ASIN was now active. It wasn’t. I suspect they were looking at the wrong market place.

4th Associate said they needed to escalate this to an internal team to investigate. I wait.

5th Associate said ASIN has been reactivated. This time they are correct.

I will give Amazon some credit. It used to take them about a week to churn out this same exact process / responses to false Suspected Intellectual Property Violations. Amazingly, I got this resolved in less than 24 hours. Please don’t take that to imply I think their staff is amazing in a good way.