Targeting Specific Types of Customer (Groups/Segments)


I have a client I am currently working with who sells a kindle ebook.

Specifically, this customer wants to try and target C-Suite business leaders.

I am curious if anybody knows any tricks to do anything like this.

I have thought about product-targeting books like Forbes or Business Week’s Top 10.

Would love another opinion.

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Question part 2: Does anybody have any experience with “lock-screen” ads?

Hope the link works, but I would target any of these current top rated and most wished for in Books > Business & Money > Business Management & Leadership.

And then maybe also these magazines, if offered on Amazon?

Harvard Business Review
Business Week
Chief Executive
The CEO Magazine
CEO Magazine
CEOWORLD magazine
CEO Today Magazine

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This is a great jumping-off point. Thank you!

What you want I believe is

Sponsored Display < Ad group - Optimize for Conversions < Image or Video - set a campaign for each type < Targeting (Context or Audiences)

You will have to try both context and audience in separate campaigns

Guessing you got one of those kindle clients who got the idea of selling digital products off of a course (Lulz)

Everything is an A/B test - the more you isolate things into their own campaigns the easier it is to control them. Papy offered a good start.



Thats a great idea, however, for kindle books sponsored display ads are not an option. The closet I believe would be “lockscreen ads” which does allow audience targeting. I just have no personal experience with those. Time to learn!

Yeah between both of you I think I can come up with something. The hard part is they are actually using the sales from this ebook as leads for the “actual” business. The % of “qualified leads” is a bit of a mystery to me as I have no direct access to those numbers. Sooo its a little like target practice in the dark, but I try my best…

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Lockscreen ads on Kindle are only for the cheaper “with ads” version. If you pay more for your kindle, no ads. It sounds like the group you are targeting would be more likely to have the no ads version, especially since the price difference is like $30.

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