TELL US WHAT YOU THINK: New reaction options

Hi SAS, we’re testing a new reaction menu (for those of you who have it) and are interested in your feedback.

Please post your thoughts below. Thanks!

We have removed :-1: and :hugs:.

We have added :thinking: and :grimacing:.


  • :+1: +1 thumbs up
  • :heart: heart
  • :laughing: laughing
  • :open_mouth: surprised
  • :cry: crying
  • :angry: angry
  • :thinking: thinking
  • :grimacing: grimace

Wish I had something other than just the Heart. Still have not been able to figure out this issue.

I’d like the one finger one, not the one thumb one. :grimacing:

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You, @primetime, and @oneida_books --no one can get it figured out. I’m so sorry.


I’m on Microsoft Edge right now (which I hate and never use) and it works there.


I’d like the one finger one, not the one thumb one

I was thinking that exact thing. :laughing: @Papy, could we get an ‘F U’ type response please??? (Not for the poster, but for content, like annoying stuff Amazon and others do)

Maybe we don’t need the heart, as that, and the thumbs up mean basically the same, don’t they?

Thank you for the thinking, I know I have been asking for that from time to time.

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I use Chrome on all devices. iPad has only the heart, Mac desktop and PC laptop have all the options. Wish the options were available on my iPad since I use it the most.

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We can consider dropping the heart, but we will keep all reactions G-rated. :grin:

but we will keep all reactions G-rated. :grin:

Ah, you’re no fun at all. :frowning:


I use the heart, and I use the thumbs up, they are different to me.

I do not use the thumbs down, though I want to. I fear that I may send someone off to their safe space. When I would use the thumbs down, it would be like the other finger emoji, to show displeasure with the issue, not the poster.

Even so, I don’t want anyone confused and thinking hate emojis.


To be clear, that’s not an issue on our end–or we would fix it if we could!

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When we don’t see what we like to use, then we WIN KEY + . (period) and use those. Gives us a full range of options …
etc …


Try a long press on the heart to bring up the options on your iPad.


I lost my hugs, but got my thinking about it.

Come to think about it I am thinking about hugs.

I never used the Thumbs Down so I won’t miss it.

I was never sure what the Hugs icon meant. Did it mean care or concern or did it mean “I want to give you a hug”? I do think we do need an icon that depicts caring, but it’s not clear if it means caring about the issue or caring about the person.

I agree with the addition of the new icons.


Thank you! That works as long as I do it by touching the heart with my finger. I tried using the keyboard with no luck, then realized you meant use the touch screen instead. Much appreciated!


Oh please don’t drop the heart. It’s the one I use most.

I like the grimace!


Thanks for the suggestion! This also works using my touchscreen! Dell / Touchscreen Desktop / Windows 10 / Firefox

ETA - Spoke too soon… loads options but cannot seem to make it stick on any of them. Will keep experimenting.


Same here. The options pop up but no matter which I select it populates with the heart.

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