[TF] Google Sues Men Who Weaponized DMCA Notices to Crush Competition

We have all seen DCMA’s weaponized, I am happy to see Google take a stand, maybe Amazon will follow?


LOL these guys actually impersonated Amazon

Does anyone know for real whether the defendants’ current location in Vietnam will affect accountability in the US?

I mean it’s not criminal charges, so google will most likely win by default as the two will never show up. A bench warrant may be issued (doubt it), but Google can freeze all assets in the USA, and we have seen that happen to Chinese Sellers on Amazon that never show up to court!


Amazon already did this earlier this year

The problem is the people who do this either do it anonymously with fake information, or they’re located in countries where it’s hard to go after them. You would basically need to extradite them for them to get some kind of criminal penalty.

This has been a longstanding problem, with fake rights owners, and abusive real rights owners. False DMCA notices are bad, but at least those are resolvable with a counter-notice (the problem is if they continue taking it down because of additional claims). False trademark infringement claims on Amazon (especially ones with a test buy) are much harder to deal with since Amazon takes the rights owner’s word for it. There should be a way to file a rebuttal (for US sellers) that blocks any further takedowns unless the RO gets a court order.

I missed this, good to know!


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