The item we can't seem to delete and keep deleted

I have never seen an item keep coming up in inventory like this one.

Every few months it comes back.

ASIN: B003D10QR0

Deleted it yet again. 8 months ago was the last order, then 8 months before that.

This is the most recurring of our phantom listings.

Are you listed on .mx or .ca? If you are, have you checked to see if you have deactivated the setting for synch your accounts? If you have not removed this synchronization, listings might be repopulating from other marketplaces.

Nope, never have

I assume FBM?

Listing I also assume is closed?

Does it come back with the same SKU?

Sadly, if this is the item I don’t need this currently or I would have tried to get a few from you. :grinning: :grinning:

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Does it come back as active and with quantity?

This is very strange




No 3rd party integration or api access?

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Did you know there are two offers out on the Canada marketplace for this ASIN?

And two offers on the US marketplace?

There is a listing on the Mexico marketplace with no offers …

Do you upload updates to Amazon using excel files? … If so, do you use the same files over and over to do your updates? … If so, could it be that this ASIN is represented by a SKU on one of those excel files being upload by accident?

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Nope and nope. We haven’t added inventory in years because all that happens is Amazon directly competes with us.

Ever since you originally posted, back in the OSFE days, about the FIFRA Compliance Amabot shuttering your vehicular lightbar(s) Offer-Listings over concerns with UV radiation, I’ve had a sneaking suspicion that there might some internal component of taking out Amazon’s competition via that avenue.

To be fair, that wasn’t the first instance of inexplicable hardheadedness I’d seen, not was it the latest - but in matters like these I typically lean more towards Occam’s than towards Hanlon’s Razor.

Amazon may be crazy, to be sure - but it’s crazy like a fox.

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Have you tried to open a case?
Yeah, that sounds crazy but sometimes you get some info.
Could be that Amazon Retail is involved?


I tried years ago, with other items, I got the usual BS that I must have made an error.

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