This is a first - someone is reselling my stuff on Etsy

I’m stymied by this one, since it’s the first time I’ve seen it. Someone has 2 of my prints, framed them, and is reselling them. Can I report that? I’m at a loss with this one.

EDIT: I messaged her to remove them. She even has my business name in the tags. What a dimwit. I was nice, but said this is my copyrighted work and is not handmade (by her), nor vintage, or a supply. If she doesn’t take it down I’ll report it.


I would have done that. Well, I have done that.

First thing I do is get every mailing, phone, electronic information, email, home, office, private, public etc., on the person.

A simple message may be done depending on how bad the infraction is.

No response or a larger infraction, I send a C&D to every address, electronic, virtual and actual, home, office, place of employment, everything I found. Making it clear I know who and where they are. By the way this is not hard, even before the exposure of information on eCommerce Channels.

I include the following line. “Further Action is Imminent, Cease and Desist.”

And I am ready to back it up and will not back down.

My path, others may have a different one.

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I decided to take the gentle route first. She just has two small prints that she’s selling as a “rare find” (I can’t - seriously?). It’s just this one, the rest of her shop looks like a garage sale. If she doesn’t take it down I’ll report it.

I typically use Pixsy to find infractions - My favorite was when an IP copyright lawyer was using my stolen images on his website. You can’t make this stuff up sometimes. And then he offered me his services. :joy:


Yes, in what you listed, a convo to ask removable is reasonable. (For those non Etsy people that is an email to the customer, creator or supplier.)

My favorite one was a teacher with a Ed., teaching copyright regulations and business ethics took a photo of ours. A “Closed” sign in a window on an old barn at one of the farms in town. Used it on her “Teacher Page” in her school district.

It was also hot linked to a website we ran, so it was sucking bandwidth at our expense.

At the time I was a long time member of our School Board so understood the structure of the public school system.

I sent a gentle email to the superintendent of her school system. Explaining how ironic this was. The teacher wrote apologized and removed it.

If they had just asked, I would have given permission.

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Yes. And I’ve had people ask and I’ve given permission - especially to schools and startup businesses.

My current Pixsy count is 1,902 unauthorized uses. A lot of them are scraper sites, but I wish I had a penny for every little league team using my baseball prints, teachers using images on their Moodle pages, and Twitter avatars. I ignore them all for the most part - not worth my time - but it’s truly annoying. People just think that “if it’s online I can use it.”

But this one is competing with me at a drastically undercut price. Can’t have that.


In the outside world, you could sell her your prints to resell as a wholesale product, but Etsy rules state that sellers are not allowed to resell another shop’s handmade items. So the main issue is that she is not allowed to sell your handmade work.

Can I resell handmade items?

“Reselling is not allowed in the Handmade category on Etsy. Reselling on Etsy means listing an item as handmade when you, the seller, weren’t involved in designing or making that item. Learn more about our policy on reselling.”


Exactly. And I stated in my message to her that this isn’t handmade, nor vintage, nor a supply. It’s still there, no reply. I’ll give her until tomorrow (to be nice), then I’ll report it. Thank you for quoting the policy, I’ll include that when I report it.

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Hopefully Etsy will enforce their own policy with her shop. Let us know what happens.


Update: She removed it. :slight_smile: Thanks for letting me vent, y’all.


I found one of my jewelry creations from a while back being sold on Poshmark. Someone was also selling some of the free tchotchke stuff they handout to cruise ship tourists where I live on on that site too. Kinda strange…

I’ve seen my things on Poshmark too - usually customers who are remodeling. That doesn’t bother me, because I don’t sell there and it’s clearly just someone making a change. :slight_smile:

My wife has a large collection of artist designed earrings.

We regularly buy earrings and necklaces in secondary channels, with particular emphasis on designers who are no longer producing. Clearly the offers are legit, and first sale doctrine does apply. (Is this the first FSD mention on this forum?)

We are not reselling any jewelry. Selling jewelry is a higher hassle proposition than either of us wants to deal with. There was a time be would bring a thousand pieces to an antique show, only to sell a couple of dozen. Which was not bad, considering the relatively low weight of a thousand pieces.


I did quite well on ebay years ago selling vintage & antique costume jewelry. But the market became so saturated and people started selling it so cheap it wasn’t worth the hassle anymore.

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