This is a new one on me

Seller been hit with shipping adjustments. Admits his weights and dimensions are wrong.

Wants a mod to get the adjustments to be limited to the cost of the closest flat rate box.

Just when you think you have seen how stupid people are …

$12k worth of stupid


That is why when UPS is $0.50 cheaper for small items I ship USPS. Amazon has not been including the Fuel surcharge which is $0.64 per shipment.

For UPS shipments I also make sure to round up the measurements. If the box is 16.1 in I make it 17 just in case. It’s cheaper to pay a little more up front then get hit with the adjustment at the back end.


Seller admits they were wrong, but then wants compassion!!


This seller has been rounding down; yikes!

There has been a major increase in shipping adjustment posts; is this due to the announcement made two months ago Changes to shipping charge corrections for seller-fulfilled returns?

…and dozens more, not to mention how many sellers have not posted or don’t even realize they are getting hit with these charges? Some of these are big $$ amounts; KJ_Amazon posted a while back that sellers can open a Support case using chargebacks, which doesn’t work.

The response below from SS says that Amazon has contacted the carriers to ensure that sellers can now file claims directly with them and to make sure that the carrier knows it is not for an Amazon-fulfilled shipment.

This is good news (if it’s true). You would think with all these adjustment posts; Amazon would make an announcement or, at the very least, inform the OPs.


What the dude is failing to realize is: USPS charges you the full cost for adjustments instead of just charging you the difference of the discount rates.

This guy is working under faulty logic:

  1. Buy Shipping and Click N Ship both are discounted rates,
  2. Therefore he believes that he should only be charged the difference in the discounted rates
  3. USPS is vindictive in that their view is that you cheated them via discounted rates, so the punishment is to make up the difference using non discounted rates

Once he gets that through his head, it makes sense.


He does not understand that flat rate charges are not a cap on what Priority Mail or UPS charges. He does not understand that Flat Rate Charges only apply to shipments in the proper packaging. Add that to being a crook or a cheapskate, and not knowing that USPS has instituted service changes on wrong weights or dimensions as well as applying by weight fees.


We had an issue a few years ago where we were doing test buys.

In addition to the gray market item with the wrong UPC, and expired paints, the seller shipped a 18oz item as first class. And here we were not understanding how could they offer this imported US version of the product for so cheep.

Not only did we do the test buy, and get them off the catalog page for gray market, we were able to hit again.

Our postmaster, reviewed the package, and sent it back postage due, since it was overweight.


I noticed I cannot input fractions of an inch, which many packages end in 1/2"…

adjustment was 2"… 1/2" doesn’t matter if you’re off by an additional full 1"… duh.

I make my own boxes since my product can vary significantly in size.
Even when the outside of the box measures 32-1/4x 24-1/8x 3-1/4 I will round UP to 33x25x4.
Just like how I under promise and over deliver, I’d rather be a little safe than sorry.

If there is an adjustment for size, it should only be a decrease.


Has anyone received a credit adjustment for overpaying?

I have a few times for USPS on eBay but not aware of any on Amazon.

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Yes, I have.

Usually the adjustments I get are “extra” charges when Amazon missed adding the additional handling that goes with the box/weight being “oversized”: