This is new... and a little desperate

I don’t recall seeing this before.

I already know all I need to know about the Account Health (non)Support Team, but I clicked the link to find out what Amazon has to say about them.

I’d agree with this. They can tell you where all the buttons and links on the page are. :white_check_mark: Of course, you could use your own eyeballs to see them too, but if Amazon thinks some of us need help finding our way around the page, then okey dokey.

But then…
Sure, they can help you ‘navigate’. And they can probably even guide you to ‘submit’ (althought not advise you as to what you need to submit, which is the important part, and why they get a question mark), but they can’t do any of these other things, IMO. Unless you really have zero clue about how this stuff works.

But this was the best part. :laughing:

Not only a shameless plug for their pathetic forums, but a stupid plug as well. If sellers are talking about their account health, the conversation is probably going something like this -

That :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: BOT flagged my t-shirt as a pesticide product, or my generic teacup as restricted. How the (bleep) do I work with such nonsense? And why can’t Amazon hire any Account Health ‘specialists’ that know anything I need to know? They’re all just talking heads that tell me I shouldn’t break the rules.

Hey I’m here from Amazon to help you… what’s your case number so I can escalate it?

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The middle manager who decided that a new seller forum experience was needed is coming up for a review in most likelihood and needs some numbers to demonstrate her success.

Don’t know understand how large corporations which still have far too many overpaid, underperforming employees operate.

Either Katie generates some numbers or Katie walks the plank.

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Don’t they realize they could sell tickets?

We’d like to know ahead to do a little chumming for sharks.


The appearance of helpfulness