This is weird to me

Been creating new listings this afternoon.

All fireplace mantel scarves.

I feel like the screens behind the scenes were not consistent.

Sometimes they were in a different order

Sometimes they weren’t even all there.

It was weird.

I would copy a current listing (to save time) change what had to be to reflect the new item, and move along. Ah Amazon, forever just well…roll with the flow, right?

Not that it makes a bit of difference to what you face or do


Amazon frequently does a slow rollout of changes to their software, and depending on the server you are connected to, you see a different version of the software.

Sometimes it is an A-B test of new functions, often it is just a lag in updating the servers.

We often need to remind ourselves how big this site is, and how things we think of as instantly changed are far from instant.


good point, thanks

Just when I knew where all the item fields were Amazon has shuffled the tabs around again.


Did you notice under the Keywords tab that several attributes have been removed?

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