This is why I'm afraid of updating via file uploads

I feel so bad for this seller:

It’s already been established that Amazon has employees who intentionally do bad things. It wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine that an employee such as this could set prices to $1.00 and alert their cohorts in crime to start buying up product.

Amazon is basically the king’s treasury with only sleeping guards at the door (if any at all).

Wow, that’s wild - The processing summary shows the file that was uploaded - if it shows the correct price the seller is correct that Amazon doesn’t have a leg to stand on here. But good gravy, I don’t envy them getting someone at Amazon to address it. :confused:



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Reading that thread on the Amazon Orwellian site, one fellow explained:

“Amazon updated the quantity before the price. And even though you will have batch confirmations of what you uploaded and things like that the only advice they can give you is to put it on vacation mode in the future until your prices are correct.”

So, the moral here is to do one upload to adjust pricing, and a day later, upload to adjust inventory, and never change BOTH in the same upload. But where did the $1.00 price come from? That’s what stumps me.

Item count?

When working with category specific template files, we have noticed that the columns have been moving around and that some columns have been hidden and need to be unhidden. If one is using an old file to copy into a newly downloaded file, one needed to pay attention to the new file columns order and those pesky hidden columns. One simple move or hidden column can mess up the data being transferred from an old file to a new file.

Amazon has been playing with the excel files as they have been revamping attributes for the last year. Recently, there was the notice to download new templates to see the new parameters and to use the new templates.

This issue could be a case of one seller getting caught in the transition of Amazon updating their system.

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I didn’t consider that. I recently did an upload and Amazon kicked it back saying the template had changed. Surprisingly, the bot even took my info and populated the new template for me to download and check. But I made sure to check it.

In this case, though, the seller says they saw the price change online - so that can’t be it?


There’s probably bots that constantly look on Amazon for “deals” such as this and order as much as they can.

Seems like these types of errors aren’t as uncommon as you’d think.


I guess they didn’t have any MIN & MAX prices set?


Flat file upload wouldn’t have changed the price to $1.

Low price error also should have caught this. Something else is going on. I suspect a 3rd party app via API.

There is more to this story then we are being told.

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