This Item Has Been Flagged Per Amazon Internal Policies

So was setting up my Prime Discounts and about 10 of my ASINs came back with the " Invalid. This item has been flagged per Amazon internal policies."

These ASINs look fine to me, and they are in unrelated categories (spread across 3 categories), so not sure what is going on.

Anyone ever have this happen?

I should point out that the only thing all the ASINs have in common is I chose the slow (not recommended) shipping speed for FBA on them

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The PCRP Amabot (‘Amazonese’ for “Product Compliance - Restricted Products” and/or “Prohibited Claims and Restricted Products”) has long been something of a loose cannon, in keeping with Amazon’s ‘shoot from the hip’/err on the side of caution style of Administrative Management.

The error message you’ve encountered has been mentioned a few times this year (which was the first time that I’d ever heard of that exact terminology); IIRC, @ least one of those threads included a follow-up from the OP stating the affected ASIN(s) being reinstated w/o action being taken from the seller’s end.

I’m about to go supervise the finger-policing detail @ a Community gathering in celebration of Independence Day, but I’ll try to make time later in the week to rustle up the link(s) for further research, and perhaps glean some clues as to what might be triggering it for your Product Line(s).

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sounds good. I’m bringing it up on my call tomorrow, but other than the warning when trying to create Prime Discounts, nowhere else is it suggested that there are any issues with these same listings.

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Amazon bot makes mistake once in a while. One time they flagged my ordinary kitchen product as a pesticide product and deactivated the listing. I had to contact Seller Support and proved that the product was not pesticide. It was a non-productive headache. Wish you good luck with your call.

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I had all my sheets removed (for a time) as pesticide product and I was one of those hit by the whole “hypoallergenic” controversy a couple years back that I never recovered from.

Sorry to hear about that. Yes that was about couple years ago. It must have been the same event. I lost sales for many days (while the listing was down) trying to prove the product’s innocent…


It’s a reference to “Fire Marshal” duties - trying to ensure that a mix of fireworks & carelessness do not separate body parts.

Which, in the vent of such an occurrence, I’ll then have to ‘police up off the ground’ - I’ve never minded doing that with my brass (a colloquial term for shell casings), but I’d sooner salve the situation with an ounce of prevention than with a pound of cure.

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LOL! Thanks for the explanation.

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@selg see also from @Thelunatick

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You will pry my fireworks from my cold dead fingers!

…the fingers are right over there - lying in the grass by the driveway

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So SAS and Seller Support suggested that the flags will go away on their own. They sort of did, but 4 of my most important ASINs are still flagged and suppressed.

I asked SAS, and they, being a customer support I pay thousands for, took the high road and told me to ask Seller Support. I asked Seller Support, and they said the listings are:

We are sorry to inform you that ASIN(s) are ineligible for promotion, per our minimum standards found and as such will not be approved for promotion.

We will not provide additional comment on how a decision is reached once an appeal has been reviewed.

This item has been flagged per Amazon internal policies.

So I have a permanently suppressed family of products on Amazon? What’s the point of maintaining (and spending thousands on PPC) to push these listings?


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So I have had this happen on my light switch covers.

Ones with pot/marijuana leaves on it, a few gay pride rainbow themed ones, a Black Lives Matter one, and several Jewish themed ones (Hanukkah, star of David’s, etc).

I wrote to seller support about it and they only removed the flags off the Jewish related ones. All the others they refused to remove the flags for. I did a few support requests about it and gave up. :unamused:

Good choice. It is just not worth it.

We have had similar issues, while some of our products are used in the pot trade, if we refer to it or indicate anything like that. Boom, gone.

We have a few items that have to do with “gay pride and rainbow” must be they have not found them yet.

As far as allowing the Jewish related ones, good for them! Now if they could be just a little more tolerant of others… :place_of_worship:

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For pot leaves, I was gonna say they want to stay away from drug related things. But do a search for “bong”

For gay pride, I was gonna say maybe they don’t want listings to be pro/anti-LGBTQ, but if you search for “LGBTQ”

For black lives matter, I thought maybe they want to stay away from politics, but if you search for “swastik a”… (I tried “confederate flag” here, but surprisingly there’s none of those available on Amazon)

So yeah, you’re getting screwed by the bots big time.