**THIS** May Be How Amazon Is Loosing So Many Shipments

I got back an interesting reply to the most recent case of Amazon losing a carton of my product on transfer between FCs after receiving, scanning, counting, and confirming the shipment at the FC to which the shipment was shipped.

There may be breakdowns between the FNKSU for a product and the ASIN for that product in Amazon’s systems - I have no idea what we are to do about that, other than scream bloody murder on a case-by-case basis:

We have received your request to investigate discrepancies with shipment FBA179N6LCSH. Upon investigation we have confirmed that the following items were not received at our fulfillment center:


However, we did receive the following unexpected items:


***We believe these unexpected items account for those that you reported missing. ***

It is important that you make sure the physical items you send to Amazon match the ASIN listed in the shipping plan when you create a shipment. Correctly matching UPC/EAN/JANs or other external barcodes to ASINs is an effective way to reduce shipment errors.

For more information, see Send FBA Inventory to Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html/?nodeId=201171200&referral=A3CNGYSAWU9VZZ_A3N59Q87RUCC3S).

Please be aware; units sent with shipment [SHIPMENT NUMBER] wasn’t labeled correctly. FBA uses barcodes to identify and track inventory throughout the fulfillment process. Each item you send to an Amazon fulfillment center requires a barcode. For more information, see FBA product barcode requirements (أمازون, sign-in required).

Amazon reserves the right to re-label items at your expense or, when ownership of the inventory is unknown, dispose of or liquidate incorrectly labeled items.

Not complying with FBA product preparation requirements, safety requirements, and product restrictions may result in the immediate refusal of inventory upon receipt at the Amazon fulfillment center, disposal of the inventory upon receipt, blocking future shipments to the fulfillment center, the denial of reimbursement claims, or charging for preparation at the fulfillment center.




I COMMAND the starship Booby Prize !!

This is some serious facepalm territory. Good to know though.

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Moved to Discrepancies in Shipment and Receiving

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Sounds like they’re using the manager from the wine store I used to work at.

For months, we were showing 10 cases of Brand A Cabernet; yet every time a customer ordered it, stock guys could not find it. We couldn’t put it on the shelf, couldn’t sell it on line.
So I investigated. Found 10 cases of Brand A Merlot, which inventory showed we had 0. Obviously, this was the problem. Reported it to the manager, who said “Okay, we’ll add the 10 cases Merlot to the inventory; keep looking for the missing Cabernet”.

And they wondered why they weren’t making money…

You know that this is just the support associate pulling something out of their rolodex of excuses to make you go away - right???

Do you use FNSKU’s? Were they applied to the shipment or already part of the product label already (which is what we do for our Amazon-bound inventory upon manufacturing)?


Yes, and the number and its barcode are on the product label, clear visible.


Plainly stated, Amazon has simply lost control of the Amabots - and even the FMT/CMT admits it:

https: //sellercentral.amazon.com/seller-forums/discussions/t/7cdcf109-43be-4d09-a8b5-290317d88c6e?postId=f2a68ebc-771b-4a75-ac80-abb10e3ec0bf

https: //sellercentral.amazon.com/seller-forums/discussions/t/acabb8db-3017-4ea9-a176-3bc48be2f090?postId=1f88f4e2-a182-41be-8c08-8729a9c394c8


Oh, noooooo, its WORSE than that.

Now they are saying that the FNSKU I have used for over a year is NOT associated with the product at all, and that I should create a new listing:

You currently do not have a FBA listing associated with the MSKU/FNSKU that you provided.
Thus I request you to create a listing first.

So, they replaced my FNSKU with my ASIN, and they want to blame me for that, when the FNSKU is the only way they have of finding any of the 1300 units they have “lost” since April.

Is the ASIN brands registered to you?

If it is, I would open a brand registry case (separate from regular Seller Support cases), and tell your tale and see what they say.

There’s now an option to escalate failed BR cases which is sort of like having a SAS manager without paying a couple grand a month for it.

Here’s the link if you are brand registered - Amazon Sign-In

You’ll see the escalation function as the last thing on the menu.

What you are being told IS NOT NORMAL and is either an Amazon glitch or a hijack. Either way, I would keep fighting this in every way that you can.

@papy / @Pepper_Thine_Angus / @VTR - Any idea why a standard Amazon link is showing (Amazon Sign-in) on this forum? Don’t recall ever seeing that before. Thx

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Amazon has been messing with the back end recently, and IMO has broken a lot from being indexed by google with things like this and the random non english characters that appear in the links sometimes


Yep - Amazon has never met an RFC standard it agrees with, in terms of compliance; that’s why I’ve resorted to ‘breaking’ the URL after the protocol’s colon when posting, as with this example of @ASV_Vites’ BR-Contact US link:

https: //brandregistry.amazon.com/cu/contact-us


The easy fix is to do (yet again) what we did before when this issue cropped up - we had Amazon enter the assigned FNSKU as a “Manufacturer Bar Code”, as this was a tactic that allowed us to take control of the otherwise administrative nightmare we faced.

I HOPE that it sticks longer this time - only lasted a little under a year before this latest breakdown.

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