This was pleasantly surprising - A-to-Z Claim

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I received an email that and A-to-Z claim was granted and without really reading the e-mail I launched to the claim details on the website. This was a pleasant surprise to see for once :slight_smile:



“This one is on us!” But the rest of the wording makes it sound like it would have been held against you.

I have mixed feelings here.


It kinda sounds like they’re hedging in case they want to take the reimbursement back from the seller later.

Good for you(!)- and, for a change, AMAZON.

Apparently, you haven’t filed one in a while?

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It’s a win (for the seller), but the wording makes it sound like it’s only a win for other reasons, not because it is a win.


Good win for you … what was the A to Z for? INR?


Yes, it was an INR. I haven’t had one in almost a year, so I am assuming that’s why they didn’t count it against me.


I have had that happen a few times. If you go a few months without an A-Z , or negative feedback Amazon seems to forgive you for it. At least if it’s an INR.

Honestly that is the only kind of A-Z’s I have gotten recently.

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Hopefully that don’t. But we did everything correctly, so we would most likely win. Maybe that’s why they said “This ones on us!”


Anytime we have had an INR, that was the phrase used. Here is an example from 2021.


Amazon-funded: Oct 2
Order Defect Rate (ODR) impacted: No
No further action required

Order ID:
Product Amount: USD

Claim date: October 2, 2021

Why is this happening?

This one is on us! You have a strong track record of shipping products on time, in the condition described and making it right for customers if something goes wrong. Under normal circumstances, you would be responsible for the refund and this claim would have impacted your ODR. In appreciation of your customer obsession, as an exception to our policies, Amazon provided the refund to the customer on this occasion. To learn more about the A-to-z Guarantee and how to avoid claims in the future, go to the A-to-z Guarantee Claims help page.

We also had one that used this phrase …

Why is this happening?
The customer claimed an issue with delivery. Amazon’s A-to-z Guarantee covered the cost of this claim on your behalf because you used Amazon’s Buy Shipping and the customer issue was outside your control.


Yes, this is their format lately. I have received two of these. Some buyers won’t file an A - Z if they are on Amazon’s radar and some will state that they will leave neg feedback if you don’t refund. They feel privileged and Amazon treats they that way.

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I don’t know if they are handled differently on the Canadian platform, it was so long since I had one I could not remember for sure. But I’m pretty sure it wasn’t like the one I had last week. Customer filed A-Z for INR, it was funded by my account, but no ODR hit. Not complaining (I would have certainly refunded), it just feels odd that there was no penalty.