TikTok Craziness - Good read

Not sure how this person is actually making any money but 1.2M units since Sept is pretty amazing…

Remains to be seen how it will work for us. Will know soon both on the advertising & sales side of the equation.


There’s a reason why the NSFE has seen a rising tide of complaints over the past 10 days or so - most of which have yet to see a reply - which are founded in an attempt to emulate this seller’s probably fleeting success.

Likewise, there’s a reason why other complaints over in the swamp - some including the text of messages received from this and that of Amazon’s well-siloed teams - would seem to indicate that Seattle’s TPTB are struggling to come up with a coherent corporate policy to limit their exposure to unwanted hits to the bottom line…

Well any order we get from TT is going to be fulfilled by Amazon so they should be happy. :rofl:


I thought this was insightful, considering that GuruNanda is a TikTok-native brand:

GuruNanda’s success on TikTok spilled over to other channels. In January, the product also became Amazon’s #1 bestseller

And that this was a good summary for how TT is different, in ways that not all companies on Amazon can pivot to:

Most sales on Amazon happen because the shopper searches for that item. While TikTok has a separate tab for Shop, which also has a search bar, consumers shop when they see a video they like. The video creates demand. Then, TikTok Shop allows users to checkout…by clicking a Shop button on the video.

I sense some “Trouble” brewing for Sellers in competitive categories who are not staying alert and nimble. :eyes:



Neither social media nor marketing are my area but I would think that this sort of marketing is better suited to items people have never heard of rather than promoting a brand. This would be useless, for example, if one wanted to promote Coke over Pepsi, or Reebok over Nike. It shines in getting people exciting about a product they have never heard of, like coconut oil pulling, which is apparently a thing. TT content is an effective way to spread the word about a new product, but no critical mass of influencers could have saved New Coke.


TikTok is wild and I honestly have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to the algorithm.

I am a small handmade seller. Recently I discovered I could make small videos on my iPhone and I had a friend who was on TikTok a lot and she said she buys random stuff all the time so I thought why not. I read a lot about TikTok on various subreddits. The first few videos I got about 2,000 views on but ever since then I’ve only gotten about 200 views per video? Supposedly it’s some kind of jail? Who knows. Supposedly the trick is to make more content? It takes me about 5 minutes to make and post a video of whatever inventory I made in the last few days. However I still only post maybe 2 to 3 times a week? I have no idea what I’ve doing.

I did open a TikTok shop. For a while there were reduced fees, and shipping promotions. I listed my top 5 sellers but I had no bites. I ended up pulling my products off TikTok shop because it seems like more headaches than it’s worth.

I’ve seen a lot of handmade sellers on there and trying to watch their videos and hashtags and see how they post but maybe I’m too late. Maybe I was supposed to be on TikTok 2 years ago.

I don’t plan on paying for ads. So maybe that is my biggest issue? I know I have a product that sells it’s just getting it in front of the audience and I don’t know how to to that on TikTok despite all the research I’ve done.

I also have to wonder if it’s because I also spend zero time on the platform. I’m not following people or watching or saving or liking anything. I just post and run. Watching videos is just something I’m not into I spend a lot of time reading Reddit lol.

I think TikTok has figured me out pretty quick lol.


My guess here is you were new, they showcased your videos to more people because you’re new, and they were rated below average by their algos, so once your “new tiktoker boost” ended you barely get any exposure.


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