TikTok - Setup - TMI personal info to be shared....

:grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:

We are finally entering the next phase of our Social revamp / rollout. It’s only 3 months late but who’s counting. Blessed to have someone from BBDO handling this for us on the side (freelance). He heads all of Mars brands social.

Back to the topic at hand… With the info they require:

Last 4 social
Name / address of primary biz person

If they ever got hacked or “they” ever weaponized all the data they have, there are going to be a lot of people with a lot of problems. Gave me the heebeegeebees setting that up.

Hoping for the best. We aren’t the only brands getting involved… Misery loves company.


The individual social4 of the “primary biz person”? :grimacing:


We tell them this is a corporation and there is no last 4 to give them. Period no exceptions. We only do SSN info for personal guarantees with things like lines of credit with banks or very very very large DOMESTIC vendors/manufacturers.

That is after all the entire purpose of an EIN.

A foreign manufacturer tried this once for “export documents”. We told them they had two options, they can either be our manufacturer and use our EIN/DUNS or not be our manufacturer.


You told TikTok this and still got on for TTShop? I find that hard tp believe.


You are giving the information to Tik Tok or giving it to the person to give to Tik tok? If it’s the first I wouldn’t really worry I suppose.

I did give it all out to TikTok. I’ve given that information out to amazon and Etsy and whoever else needs it for business purposes.

Long time ago my husband and I both had our identity stolen and it was right after a mortgage with LoanDepot. We had to give out our personal info to get the mortgage.

At this point I don’t think it’s a matter of “if” but “when” your identity will be stolen. I keep all of our credit frozen and only unfreeze temporarily when needed.


From Learn How to Boost Sales | TikTok Shop Academy | United States

:grimacing: Yep. It seems like to set up a TikTok Shop, every private business has to give up a representative’s (Account Owner’s) personal info.

It basically seems that Individual TTshop owners only give minimum info, while Business owners give the same info required for Individual and all the other things.

To be clear, this is different than merely establishing a TT Business Account; this is above and beyond, for a Business to set up a TTshop.

I don’t like it, personally, but I’m guessing that TT perhaps has unique insight into some of the workarounds that many Sellers have used on Amazon/.com to avoid accountability. :eyes:


There is no way around it. Even for the ads manager you need individual verification along with business verification which takes a few days so get verified first.


We needed a payment provider once for a certain segment of the category. They required both partners SS #'s in full. I’m screwed anyway. LOL


IMO it’s not that important then. Publicly traded companies do not give shareholder SSN#'s to get stuff done. Space X does not provide Elon’s last 4 to get on TT.

What happens if you add or remove people? Do you have to update everything? How are you linked to TT if you leave the company. F all of the benefits in exchange for privacy from the CCP.

What other company requires this for media???


It would the ads manager of social media managers personal info. They would also, presumably, have a campaign manager contact and a finance contact at Tiktok. Common now.

And I concur. It sucks hairy goat balls.


I would hire another company to manage it then to avoid all that data and linkage. Use a 3P provider so if something happens you can jump ship and not be permalinked with a number you can never change without visiting an office on the moon.


Yes this is a work around but it doesn’t help with manager dashboard and control. But yes an agency can use their account to run ads and manage creator accounts.

The moon reference. Clever.


I believe these are 2 different things TBH. The info I am talking about sharing is stated to be used to verify the business. It’s TT Shop.

I know Amazon has my SS# and my drivers license ID #, and everything else. Who do I trust more? Depends on the day.


Amazon is not storing its data or giving access to China.
" A trove of internal documents obtained by Forbes , and several people across different parts of the company familiar with the matter, have shown that tax forms, social security numbers and other information from creators and outside vendors has been stored in China; payments to both are managed through tools from TikTok’s China-based parent ByteDance."

Full disclosure here, we are also DoD contractors for far more of our total business than retail/Amazon, so our risk is far greater than the normal retail business due to contract requirements for cybersecurity, IT and personal info.
So it is much easier and safer for us to simply say no than those not in that industry segment.


No way to defer TT shop to agency. Sux but is what it is.


I know…