TikTok Shop is coming for ecom (2 articles)

Two relevant articles this weekend about social medium TikTok’s encroachment into ecommerce.

Ecom sellers need to start thinking about TikTok both as an ad venue and a sales channel option. It’s ability to pump sales into a product or take a product viral has been outpacing FB and IG for quite some time.

However, there are valid concerns about the platform and its backend/owners, as well as IP theft.

So perhaps this insight into TT’s role in ecom might be useful in considering alternatives.

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Good reason to fear unauthorized sale chargebacks as minors use their Mommie’s credit cards to buy crap.

Remember that minors cannot enter into contracts in most states, which means they cannot buy and sell online without parental involvement.

I am sure TikTok would live to avoid the middleman in the one chip challenge.


All the cool kids just get mom to start the account for them!

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You shouldn’t assume it’s just kids on there - I love TikTok, it’s my happy place. And most/all of the accounts I follow aren’t kids at all. Huge middle-aged women and GenX followings.

I haven’t used it for my business yet…I really need a light stand so I can video some stuff.

Thanks for sharing, @papy!


TikTok is huge with my middle-aged mom frends. They are constantly sending me links and trying to get me on there (no thanks).

And for those interested, there’s a ton of crafts, comedy, and politics there.

Just sayin’…TT is actually really popular amongst all ages.

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So will TikTok remain popular once it becomes “nothing but ads” just like each of the other platforms have become?


SellersAskSellers members, be sure to check out the relevant conversation over in :lock: Social media tech recommendations

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:see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:
And they collect all our data…
:see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:
Sorry. :bowing_man:

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Yeah, I’m not on it because of those concerns, for business or personal. And my one old-enough child is prohibited, too.

Got this email today to our company email. Keep in mind we do not participate in TikTok now and I don’t even have it personally so it’s clear they are casting a wide net to get as many brands rolled in as possible.


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6 months ago I would have agreed, I would see a lot of good content/crafts/funny videos. Now all I see is ads, garbage reposted videos from Youtube/“Backup” accounts or Live junk. Very annoying when I did actually like the app. I do still enjoy commenting “until you get suspended” on all the RA/OA become a millionaire videos though! They have been reaching out for months to start a shop but I don’t think it would fit well with me.

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Obviously TikTok realized how much $ they were driving to Amazon and elsewhere and wants a bigger piece of it.

Surprised it took this long.


I’ve been long opposed to TT for personal reasons, but we’re going full send in a bit…CPCs are .15-.50 vs amazon’s CPCs at $1million dollars per click

The math is the math.


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We’re in the same exact boat in all respects.

The problem is a lot of us are all going to jump into that boat at the same time driving up the CPC’s.

It will be awhile though if they ever catch up to Amazon in that respect. Probably will never happen.

Walmart’s CPC’s are 65% less than Amazon and I’m pretty sure that Walmart is bigger than TikTok. lol


I’m wondering if we need to add a TikTok Shop category over in Selling on other Platforms . Onboarding tends to raise a lot of questions. :thinking:

That certainly might well prove beneficial from the onboarding standpoint.

It might yet prove unbeneficial to those who onboard, if recent scuttlebutt in both the legal and patching communities plays out exactly as seems to be generally-expected among the majority of participants there.

Rumour has it that regulatory bodies foreign and domestic alike are looking to amend their previously-filed complaints about the practices of this particular SocMed Marketplace.

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Haven’t googled…so regulatory bodies want to include TTS :slight_smile: in their complaint against TT?

Lemons are ALWAYS fair game… :grinning:

Okay… whos eating shower gel?