Tips to make Windows 11 not suck

I’ve been aggravated by several Windows 11 “features” recently. Am I alone? Here’s some helpful tips for anyone else who finds this stuff annoying as #$^%!#%

  • Get rid of the ‘Create Event’ pop-up every time you try to paste something in Excel
    To disable the irritating Windows feature: START menu >Settings > System > Clipboard > Suggested Actions .

  • Stop ‘Print Screen’ from opening the Windows Snipping tool
    START menu >Settings > System > Accessibility > Keyboard > Use the Print screen key to open Snipping tool

  • Get the old (ie useful) menu back when you right-click in Windows Explorer. Many of the most useful functions (like paste :angry:) have been relegated to a ‘see more options’ menu choice, so you have to click through 2 menus to do a simple function like pasting.


Cntl- C for copy and Cntl- V for paste. I have a programmable mouse that I have the thumb buttons programmed just for that.

I guess windows 11 really sucks. I almost upgraded because for 5 months My computer would not update. I kept getting the error number that meant your partation isn’t large enough, (funny it was fine until Feburary). I went through all the recommendations and finally in June was about to give up and just install win 11 hoping it would fix it. All of a sudden the updates installed and all is fine.


Thanks for that. Just finished setting up the new computer for the wife; found a few annoying things and got them fixed as much as possible; hadn’t run across these particular ones. I’ll see if she complains.

So far, we’re still in the “did this file get copied over right?” and fine-tuning drivers phase. She’s adjusting to Win11, but really loving a 27" 2K monitor, and <20s boot time; not to mention actually having enough computing power to use zoom and still do something else (yeah, it was an old machine we replaced)

It was actually kind of odd to see how much has changed since I last bought a PC. I was worried about drive bays; heck, there’s not even a controller for SATA drives! Gotta go external for everything.


Just set up a win 11 machine for my 83 year young uncle. Took me 3 days because it was the first 11 machine I have had the unfortunate pleasure to work on to date. I am sure he needs help on it but with all the meds I am on I am not able to help much now. I liked the OS as far as I could tell, I may have my son who is an IT pro do a remote hookup and make sure I got everything right. As far as I am concerned they could have stopped with XP.

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They said the same thing about the horse, when they invented the train.

Not sure what needed ‘setup’, but my experience with Windows 10/11 is it pretty much just works out of the box. You connect to wifi (if required), you enter your Microsoft credentials (or create an account if you don’t have one) and you are done.

Open Mail enter your credentials, you have email. Edge is a very robust and stable browser. The Microsoft app store is safe and stable. The modern Windows PC needs to be thought of like the iPhone rather than as an IBM PC 5150, for 90% of users.

Just because historically, an operating system had to be tailored for programs and connected devices, doesn’t mean that twenty years later that is still the case.

The world has changed and become a very unsecure place, with hackers and such. Out of the box, Windows 11 (with ALL updates), is a very secure world, so long as you stay in the Microsoft ecosystem and guardrails.



Agreed … the transition to Win 10 was more of a learning curve coming out of Win 7 than going from Win 10 to Win 11. Win 11 was more of a visual update / realignment that overall structure.

We use Chrome for email and FireFox for everything else. Both function well with Win 11 and have kept our online use consistent and familiar especially with use across OS systems and various computers.

And the hardware improvements have brought even more continuity between platforms. programs and user interfaces. It is easier to move between Apple, Windows and Chrome machines than it was in the 90’s / early 2000’s.

This is where you will need to establish how and when the updates fit into your operations. We generally make sure that once a week on either Saturday or Sunday we do the updates for Win 11, Chrome, FireFox and Adobe. If you don’t control it and set it to completely automatic, you could find yourself being interrupted at a time you don’t want to be. If you don’t do it at least weekly, you could find yourself facing a machine that becomes sluggish. On the other hand … if you stay on top of the updates, Win 11 runs smooth with less issues ( it seems to us ) than previous versions of Windows.

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When you right click, you should see five icons across the top … one for cut, copy, rename, share and trash. Once you have copied something and then right click the destination, the paste icon should appear and the share icon disappears…

For many of us, that is a big part of the problem. I recall the days of using “dumb” terminals; you had to be connected to a computer to do anything; computer might be in the next room, or 100+ miles away. It was a great breakthrough when we got computers that would allow us to do what we wanted, without having to be connected.
But now we’ve gone back to being forced to be connected. You cannot fully set-up Win11 without creating a Microsoft account, which copies over many of your files, whether you want it or not. You can’t even play Solitaire on Windows 10/11 without an internet connection!
Communication is great; obviously, we all rely on it. But it is not in my benefit to force me to use the internet when I simply want to do something that my computer should be capable of doing on its own.

One specific thing I’ve run across is trying to change the default directory. I like having control over my files, and I’ve long set aside the C: drive for the OS, and D: (and sometimes others) for files and other data; I don’t save any personal files on the System drive. But in Windows 11, when you set it up, it locks the User directories on the C: drive, because they are connected to your Microsoft Account, so the commands that move the default directories won’t work, because you’re connected to OneDrive (or whatever it’s called). Another thing I have to figure out, just to do things the simple way.

And why can’t Media Player play internet radio anymore???

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I’m really late to this discussion, unfortunately.

However, this is a trick question/suggestion. It still sucks.

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Being the office “IT guy”, it is super frustrating. Windows 10 keeps trying to bait everybody here to install Windows 11. Next person who falls for it walks the plank.

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We turn off (disconnect) One Drive and run a couple of NAS units. We direct Chrome, Firefox, Adobe (etc.) to download / save to where we want them on the NAS unit / folder we want it to go to. If you have 2 drives set up on the computer, you should be able to select which drive the item should go to.

If you open Windows Explorer and right click the folder (say documents) and select properties and click on the Location tab, you can change where you want those items to be saved to for that user. You can duplicate this process for other users or default user (if you wanted to but this one we usually leave as is).


VERY SMART, I like Synology with WD Red Drives personally.

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Exactly what we got … :+1:


I will agree with you, and for most, no issue doing a windows 10-11 upgrade.

Here is the problem, some of us run “Boxes” that are very expensive. We have a $40K very wide format printer that is hooked to a Windows Professional version 10 machine. With lots of memory, and lots of diskspace.

This thing renders files from RGB/CMYK to 7 colors, and gives instructions to the printer. It also prints targets, so a $30K cutter can die cut images, Then punch them out if needed.

Microsoft comes along and indicates, they are going to do an upgrade, I say no. Much like telling Amazon no, a complete waste of time. In 2 or 3 months, I have no choice, upgrade happens.

The next morning I held my breath until everything was up and running and ready for on demand manufacturing of product for the day.

We still have one cutter (plotter with a knife) that runs on Windows 98 only. It is not on the network, and only used for that.

Some people have a need not to upgrade. We have a boneyard of machines for pieces and parts. My last two printers, Up until the end, I was repairing and making parts for them as in good old mechanical and electrical engineering.


Yeah, I know that I’ll be able to figure out how to disconnect from OneDrive; still more worried about making sure all programs run, and getting drivers sorted out. Still have to get some better networking; that’s not an issue of the new computer, but the old one that wouldn’t work right, so whole network is wonky.
But I hate that things like OneDrive are the default, with no way of opting out until after the fact.


While I have your ear, (as I typed that last response, you all were talking about different technical stuff.)

We used to use old WD4100’s set up as Raid 5 drives. I bought them used on eBay, worked well until they started to fail due to age. Except for the one the FBI came and got. But that is a different story…

On the WD Red Drives, I understand they have an issue if they are not at least a “Plus” with CMR. I have a new WD PMR4100 on hand ready for them. I had the Red on order, but it was taking to long, now that page (6TB WD Red) goes to the dogs. I canceled them after waiting a month.


We had old WD drives running in a Western Digital NAS. One of the drives was reporting errors continuously. We took a chance on a 2018 Synology NAS and boy was it ever worth it. We moved both of the drives into the Synology NAS and it was like a miracle … both drives functioned flawlessly. And still running to this day 5 years later. We got a second 2020 Synology NAS and put 2 WD Red Drives … again flawless over the past 3 years.

We replaced the drives in the laptops to SSD and saved what came out. Those will go into another new Synology NAS just to play around with. We run Raid 1 and keep the drives exactly the same type and size in each NAS.


Moving drives from one nas to another you got very lucky! That doesn’t always work. It can as long as the processor is the same family.

Acknowledge … both NAS machines ran on different format systems so …

Transfered data off onto another drive … then reformatted the drives to the Synology NAS and finally reloaded the data. Guess we should have been a little more technical on how the move was done as it wasn’t just a swap.

The issue was the WD NAS was failing and not the drive as it appeared.

It still does. However, with the end of Microsoft’s music service Groove, Microsoft no longer has certain copyrighted media licenses. Therefore no more media store or radio guide. However, if you have the URL of your Streaming station (A significant number can be found with Radio stream URL search engine Simply paste the URL into Media Player by clicking the down chevron to the right of Open file(s) and selecting “Open URL”.




Example: New England Public Media’s URL is


At least that is how I would do it :man_shrugging: