TODAY: Ask Amazon: Simplified FBA capacity limits Q&A with FBA team

There is an Ask Amazon event on the NSFE today (Tuesday March 14) until 5pmPT/8pmET. Link to event:

Ain’t this a kick in the teeth…

We all know that Amazon, at some point, is going to realize they don’t have the space or manpower to manage what they thought their capacity was and they are going to slash limits like they always do without a moments notice.

At that point, the cash register at FBA is going to ring as they collect tens of millions in “fines” from sellers for following the process correctly.

That’s some crazy, libelous, bat-shit craziness right there…

I was told something completely different by our SAS manager when asking the same exact question so either he was wrong, Bryce is wrong, or there’s something else foul in Seattle.

But seriously, are any of us really surprised?

How many times do we all need to be burned by the mothership before we just stop trusting Amazon altogether?

If Amazon is allowing a seller to store 8 months worth of goods right now, how the hell is 3 months of UNCONFIRMED notice going to allow them time to react? The forward looking period has to be longer than the estimated monthly hold for this to work.

I wish this was still the OSFE because I would be firing back on Bryce and I like him…



:sparkling_heart: the disclaimer (it’s about time)!

Moderators should never have been offering legal advice and speculating on specific individual Sellers situations.

:thinking: Although that does make the moderators practically unhelpful…

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