Total newbie here

OK… I’m looking into selling on Walmart tonight. Looking at the registration, their terms include this -

  1. Inventory Feed.
    You will (i) use commercially reasonable efforts to timely provide with an error-free updated inventory feed for those Products where inventory levels have changed since the last inventory feed provided for such Product, and (ii) provide with a daily inventory feed for all Products.

Do I really need to send them an inventory feed each and every day? I’m small potatoes and would prefer to handle it the same way I do on Amazon. List X pieces, and leave them there until they sell.

Can someone please confirm if this is true?


No, you don’t
Nor do you need to create the products via feed.

Honestly, i can’t remember the last time I used a feed. probably when mapping the shipping templates to the listings, but that’s literally 3 columns (the upc, the code of the template and the code of your location) (yeah, there’s a code to your location)


No, you don’t
Nor do you need to create the products via feed.

I know I asked you these questions the other day, but couldn’t find that post now. Darn there being so much activity here now! :laughing:

Thanks :smile:




OK, so I signed up. Using the same email as for my W+ membership. Hopefully/maybe/I think different passwords though? I guess I’ll find out if that causes any problems. :laughing:

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When I joined in 16 (actually late 15 but took 8 months to get onboarded) they requested that I showed that I bought things on Walmart :hushed:
I had a receipt from the same day, but I thought it was an effed thing to request.

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They didn’t do that when I signed up, I think that was 2018.
Tony is correct, you do not need to send daily inventory updates.


I think they haven’t updated the help files.

Originally you had to acknowledge every order and then ship it. I didn’t dislike that system because orders that you received over the weekend you could acknowledge, and then on Monday send the actual tracking. But it gave confirmation to Walmart and the buyer that you were on top of it.

I think that they recommended the daily inventory update. But that died quickly. Probably because most inventory is shared between platforms, so it’s likely automated by the seller.

They also used to send these roles of Orange labels with the Walmart sign. If an order was sent to the store, the shipping was free for the customer. So you had to prepare the package with two labels, one for the shipping and one indicating the name of the person picking it up. And you had to place 3 of the Orange labels, each on two sides of the box.

I must still have roles of those labels. For the fun of it, I’ll send a picture tomorrow.


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Walmart seems to have a lot of policies / things they want that they don’t actually enforce.

They are just happy to have anyone and everyone sign up so don’t worry.

They even invited Chinese sellers to join about 18 months ago. Yay! Amazon 2.0.

The Chinese need to have a US EIN though but that’s not hard to get.

Now I sound like Desperado but not really.


I don’t do any daily feeds either.

But I ship monday through friday and Shipstation updates walmart with tracking automatically, so there’s that.

Walmart and Amazon are sumilar, yet different. Like days off or vacation days, in Walmart you have to in and set them. On Amazon, you shut the whole store down. On walmart, you’re never closed so to speak…

On Walmart all shipping costs to retun an item are deducted now, Amazon at least has the SAFE T program.

Walmart throttkes your individual item edits to 10 per hour. Don’t think Amazon does that.


Walmart is very bad at updating the tracking info.
For the last few months (for me) about 5-10% of the tracking does not update. The order changes to “shipped” but the tracking doesn’t get updated.

Whenever it does that I download the feed of the remaining orders and upload the remaining trackings via feed.

Walmart had a version of safe-t claims. I have never used it. But I know it exists. I’ll check tonight if I can find the help file.

I think that the rule of Walmart is that anything below $200 is an auto loss for the seller, except for apple products.

Here’s the Walmart version of the Safe-t @doilyboutique444

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