Total VICTORY!!!!

Score one for the forces of GOOD

Hello from Fulfillment by Amazon,

*Thank you for your reply. My name is Shiva and I am an advisor for the Merchant InBound Coaching (MIC) Team. I will be handling your case going forward.

We have investigated the following shipment FBAxxxxxxxx for “Inaccurate Item Quantity in Box” and have found the unit(s) in question have been reimbursed. The problem has been removed from your shipment. You will see this change reflected in your Inbound Performance Report within 24 hours. You may view your reimbursement with the following link and entering…

=-=-=-=-=-= Makes me want to break into song! =-=-=-=–=

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This is a thing?

Glad they found your stuff.


They did not find anything - they were the ones claiming that I needed “coaching” for “Inaccurate Item Quantity in Box”, when Amazon had counted and confirmed all items, and lost them in an FC transfer to another FC. So, I read them the riot act, and pasted in the appropriate entries from the inventory ledger, but they persisted in their nonsense until they saw the reimbursement that had been issued, which somehow changed their tune.

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It is. We’ve been coached by them… :rofl:

Should have recorded the conversation. Nice lady from Alabama who basically told me Amazon sucks and we were right and she removed the issue we needed to be coached on.

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I’m glad your issue was resolved.

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Allow me to correct this for you –
" We’ve been coached schooled by them"

It is Amazon after all.

Not sure that is accurate. I don’t get schooled by anyone. I do the schooling.

I know more about Amazon and how it works than 95% of the people that work there.

Sad but true.

The coach profusely apologized to us on behalf of Amazon. Doesn’t mean anything but I had all the evidence to fight off the never ending BS.

Just finished escalating our 14th case to SAS in the last 45 days. Our top 3 selling listings have been corrupted and now Brand Registry Support is saying our brand isn’t ours so looks like we are being attacked. Nice place to do business.

Those listings are now in the wrong category, have no bullet points, limited to displaying 3 images.

Comping negative this month for the first time in 4 years.

Not that I didn’t have enough to worry about / deal with this month.

Amazon is a ■■■■■■■ toxic waste dump where the good guys lose and the scam artists win.

There’s my coaching for all of you.

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No argument on any of that at all.

Amazon is (I believe) circling the toilet bowl and only waiting for a ‘courtesy flush’ which may be provided by the FTC action if it ever occurs.

They have ignored so many serious issues for so long it is going to take radical surgery.


That is horrific and every seller’s nightmare. I am sorry you are having to deal with this BS.

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I’d think something more appropriate


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Yes, Beethoven - Ode an die Freude (Ode to Joy)
Most folks never know that the tune has lyrics, and among Germans, it has become a satirical way of singing about one’s delighted schadenfreude at someone’s (often a political figure) meme-worthy faux pas.


How bout this for a nightmare… IDK WTF is going with the brand registry debacle (not linked) but I finally got to the bottom of most of our issues. Amazon ■■■■■■ up our listings on purpose by thinking they should be variations and now they are refusing to break them up.

Imagine this scenario - Let’s say we sell Vitamin C - 2 products, one is 1000mg 200 size and the other is 500mg 180 size.

Now these 2 products (we don’t sell vitamin c - that was just an example) are linked together as size variations.

After presenting all the evidence and screenshots, I’m still getting pushback. Here’s are 2 responses from the SAS escalation team:

Sadly, my SAS manager was out today but he’s back tomorrow. Hopefully he can beat this into Alvaro’s head that this needs to be fixed ASAP!

So apparently Amazon can just create whatever variations they want, whenever they want.

We recently had SAS set up a variation for us for a 2-pack of another listing and that must have landed on some a-holes desk in India so he or she decided to look at our entire assortment while they were at it. That’s all I can think of. What a mess. So tired of this ■■■■.


So they apparently think, as this has been a common complaint for going on 3 years now - continuing in the NSFE as recently as last week…


What Amazon did here is the same thing the Federal Trade Commission fined Nature’s Bounty $600K for in February.

Funny thing about that is all of the NB listings are 1P. Wouldn’t be surprised if Amazon did that themselves and left NB holding the bag or reimbursed them on the backend.

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With a marketing budget as large as NB obviously sports, it wouldn’t be unreasonable for a casual observer to presume that it has a staff maintaining Global Catalog content itself, rather than allowing the ART to do as it pleases - but there’s a good deal of evidence to suggest that latter situation seems to be quite prevalent, even with cooperate conglomerates as large as that.

Feels good, doesn’t it.

I had to wait almost 90 days for one piece of inventory to show back up to get this…

Retail - arrogant ignorance. Any listings that I had the misfortune to share with them were badly messed up (usually they joined after the fact, on detail pages I created, and decimated the useful content I had crafted). Battles went on for months, for corrections on false attributes they posted, or reverting a single product page they had changed to a set of 6 or 12 page. High risk for not as described complaints.

I hope your SAS rep has the power to quickly cut through their crap.

I sure hope you don’t end up in the same kind of trouble!

That sucks but honestly, sadly, not surprising. Not only do we not get help through seller central, but we also have to deal with Amazon purposely sabotaging listings due to people who don’t have a good grasp of the English language. If you present a problem that is not part of the scripted responses you are SOL in getting the issue resolved in a quick/easy way.

It’s really starting to feel like there is a 2 tier system at Amazon now, 1 tier has gone completely rogue and can do whatever they choose. The 2nd tier is completely handcuffed and refuses to make any changes.

Even when its Brand Registered I get automated responses telling me I can make the changes when I am instructing them that the changes are not being made. I feel like I want to my head through a wall.


It’s fixed. Although our SAS manager did apologize for Amazon’s stupidity (he actually wrote that), nothing here from the escalation manager after he stood proud telling me the rights Amazon has and they are correct in what they did.

The correction of this issue actually fixed other issues that were seemingly unrelated.

The place sucks.