Transaction: $2 Other

I just had my first sale in about 1.5 months. It is a custom item ordered 4/5 that will be ready to ship on/before 4/12.

What the heck is this $2 charge? Is Amazon trying to make sure I’m still active by potentially charging my card on 4/16?

My last payout was 3/5 and balance has been $0 until the sale came through yesterday evening.


Amazon love the “other” type transaction.

When you click on the blue “total” does it provide more details?
An order id ?
Any returns?


Usually (with many exemptions) “other” refers to postal corrections or fees relating to coupons.
With that said, many times it’s just a mystery

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What does the “Transaction view” show, if anything?

I’d suggest a report, but that isn’t possible until the cycle closes … I believe.


I notice that most things are not clickable directly from that statement sumary view. BUT if you go look in Transaction view you should be able to find the other in the list since you don’t have too much going on right now. So from transaction view you should be able to click on the amount on the end of the line to drill into more detail.

The last one I had actually turned out to be an FBA Inventory Reimbursement for a -5.25
Apparently they must have reimbursed me for something and then took it back later.

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Joe, did you get one of these?

I did, and it appears as other/others for me. Same date.

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Yeah, the “detail” is the 2nd and 3rd pic… the “description” for Other is Others. :face_with_monocle:

Amazon being Amazon.

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There are so many times when there is no info on what ‘other’ is, which, IMO is dishonest; it should be clear what all charges are for.

This was posted today.

Amount subtracted from my balance under "other

Ok so I just notice my balance went down so I look to see what the transaction was and there is no order number and no information it just says other. If you click it, it still just says other and the amount deducted of 36.76. So I call amazon seller support. I just want to know why and what it is for. She tells me that they can put it under other and there is no way to know why. Then I told her that makes no sense. She told me that I do not get to know why beyond other. After arguing she then let me know she is escalating it for them to email me which we all know they never do and if they do its 5 days from now so I am wondering if anyone else has ever seen this and why was it deducted.

I do not care if I owe it why it was deducted but at this point the fact they cannot tell me and this lady I spoke to told me all I need to know was other which doesnt fly with me.


Have you shipped yet @joebcrafts? Any updates?

I will be packaging it tonight.

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I purchased the shipping for the sale about 30 min ago.

Appears to be just a coincidence that the $2 Other/Others charge happened on the same day as the purchase date.

The world may never know…

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Completely and utterly off-topic…

:thinking: Or is it…

Joe, did you get the email about charges for shipping corrections from 1Q? I linked it above. My charge looked just like yours “other/others” the same day, right after that email.

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I appreciate and understand that yes there are corrections for returns now.
I have not had any returns in ages.

I did Refund Without Return 2 orders earlier this year (red in the report below). Having a custom item (that can’t be resold) that costs anywhere from $20-$60 to be shipped back is bad business. I’m already losing money on the refund, no sense in losing more. I attempt to rectify with replacement before refunding because I lose “less” that way.

There have been 2 shipping adjustments and those occurred within a few weeks of the shipment. In the image below the orange is one pair of order/adjustment and the blue is another.
No I have not received an email about other adjustments.

transactions in 2023

As in the post that Medic shared, I just want honest accounting. There should be no “other” in their system. Every charge/credit/adjustment type should have a discernable event reason. If it is a shipping adjustment then it should be that type and assigned to an order (as the other 2 were).


Absolutely and not too much to ask for the fees we pay them!


Not for our MF returns, only for Amazon’s FBA costs - we won’t see a dime. Even if it saves them money that will not be passed on to us in lower fees ever.

We should be able to charge our own return fee.

Silly Seller…


I believe the point is for Amazon to see more dimes, lots and lots more shiny, dimes. Shoppers returned $746B in 2021, more than the National Defense Budget at $741B. Amazon doesn’t disclose their numbers, but the National Retail Federation reports 2021 average online sales return rate of 21%, and analysts believe Amazon’s return rate to be higher. From November 2022 to mid-January 2023, per Salesforce data, US shoppers returned more, and earlier, than in the previous holiday season.

If this was a fair system, in which Seller’s profits were even an after thought…
But we live in the real world…

Retailers are losing millions of dollars every year processing all those returns, which has made several companies rethink the standard of free returns — a standard that, ironically, some experts attribute to Amazon. Now, with its new fee, Amazon joins the growing list of retailers starting to charge customers to ship their stuff back.