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Hello Yall,

Had a question about some of the payments reports. I see a few instances of Standard Orders “Other” Transaction Type Charges of very large amounts. Does anybody have an idea of what this is exactly? Not much information to go on from the line item.

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Nope. And I tried asking seller support and they keep shutting the cases down with no response after escalation to the appropriate department.

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Very odd. I am pretty confident there must be a good reason for them. But right now I have no idea what to tell accounting lol.

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It would go under a line item called other FBA Seller Fees under Cost of Goods Sold and would contribute to Total Cost of Goods Sold. On your P&L. That part is simple.


We do FBA and SF so I am not sure which to throw that under. Its not really specific FBA or not.

I am leaning on thinking this is the charge for Amazon shipping service that we use. Just weird to not label it as such.

Since I have those and am FBA - I would throw it under there. But create the line item clear enough just in case you have to move it in the future - won’t change your COGs but will be easier to delineate cost breakdown (if even necessary) - as far as sellers are concerned - they exist regardless so effectively doesn’t make too much of a diff


Just as an update, for anybody who uses the amazon shipping service (carrier service), the charge on the amazon account just appears as Misc, no deeper details. But I was able to confirm this as the source the charges.


How were you able to confirm this? Last week, I had a $0.15 charge appear on my account under the category Other. No reference to any transaction, Buy Shipping or otherwise.

Fifteen cents wouldn’t correspond to any weight differential under Media Mail.

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It would be the difference between a 3 or 4 oz Ground Advantage Zone 4 ($3.75) and 3 or 4oz Ground Advantage Zone 6 ($3.90).

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OK. I haven’t had a reason to use Ground Advantage yet. A few paperbacks in poly bubble mailers weigh in slightly under one pound for the Media Mail rate of $3.92. Mostly my books are at the $4.67 or $5.42 rates.

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I received a 20-cent OTHER charge from Amazon, and other than spending a few minutes being curious about the origin of the charge, decided it required NONE of my time to figure it out.

What’s the famous ol’ saying?

“Give `em 20¢, they’ll take a million” ? :grinning:

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I was able to match the charges on amazon with the billing amounts on interface. They just didn’t make this clear at all.

Wait what?

You’re saying these charges are weight differentials due to using amazon partnered carrier (LTL and SPD) for shipments sent to FC?

Please confirm.

No sorry, we use the actual Amazon shipping service for our packages. IE replacing UPS/FedEx as our small parcel carrier. (

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That’s what I thought you meant. We have those same charges and only FBA and ship to FC LTL

So trying to make it make sense.