Transparrency - Automatic flagging/hiding of posts the Morning of 2/15/2023

In an effort to move towards public participation in the future, I was playing with spam filtering options here within discourse.

I enabled a function that would flag any post with “.com” in it so we could monitor for spam posts from new users. The way I had it set is the system should only RAISE a FLAG, not hide a post or unlist a topic. Well, it did both.

FUNCTION DISABLED! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry everyone for the scare!


Freakin’ user admins messin’ up the forums :crazy_face:

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You mean you were working on the New Alternative Seller Forum Experience?


Some sections of the site will remain closed to all but the group we have here now no matter what we do

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I assume this was a typo but it’s more fun to read it as though it isn’t. I suppose this is true of most typos, now that I think about it.

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Yep, it was, corrected! My brain is not in gear today

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NO problem, I’m always tinkering with “what does this button do” also :slight_smile:

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