Trying to change browse node

I’m a bit frustrated and looking for some advice. We designed a product specifically for babies (baby wipes). But when we first put it up on Amazon, it got labeled under “feminine wipes” (yeah, seriously). Anyway, we got the go-ahead to shift it to “baby wipes” around 16 days ago. We got approved and Amazon said the update would happen in 48 to 72 hours, Still no change.

We’ve tried reaching out to Amazon multiple times, but it’s been a waiting game. Just throwing this out here to see if anyone’s had a similar experience or knows a way to speed this up.

Does anyone know how to change the Amazon browse node?

  1. Yep…so first thing first - use the browse node change tool - search browse node change in seller central - pop in the asin and it goes through the steps - easiest.

  2. Should take effect within an hour or two - if not next day.

  3. The more complicated way to do it is through a flat file feed upload and partial update.

Discussed here:


The major difference is I had to perform the partial update a few times in order for it to take effect as someone had changed my browse node intentionally and currently my browse node is locked even with the browse node tool.

So once you get to the flat file feed upload do one partial update just for the browse node update per day (let the system refresh at midnight) and then re-attempt the next day if changes haven’t taken effect. It seems like your sku should be a cinch.


Hello, @Huretehnh, and welcome to the SAS Forum!

I’m in agreement with our friend @Tried_Tested - the first thing I’d try would be the self-service Change a product’s category browse node (link, Help Hub) tool.

If that didn’t effect the desired change w/in 73 hours, I’d then be inclined to follow Tried’s recommendation of using a partial update flat-file upload; if you should face any difficulties in doing so, please don’t hesitate to ask for help, as there are a lot of smart cookies here who can offer assistance.

Along those same lines, a most-excellent tutorial on the subject is to be found in the Nov2021 offering by SAS’ own @Tallytony, which is still available:

How to create listings and variations using the Add Product and the File-Upload functions (link, NSFE)


Welcome @Huretehnh ! Please keep us updated on what you try and the results. :four_leaf_clover:


If something “Isn’t working” despite correct use of the tools intended to address the task, then you need to create a “call me now” case, and ask to speak with the Catalog Team, and ask that rep to look at the “back end” database.

We have been selling ourselves on Amazon only since Nov 2022, and in that time, we have had:

a) A “suppressed brand” resulting from shenanigans by a person who put their brand on our product to sell “used as new”, and to be the sole Amazon seller.

b) A completely screwed up size variation, due to “price violations” stemming from assignment of the same price to all variations (at least initially) leaving us in the comical position of trying to explain that no one would sell 5 gallons of something for the same price they charge for an 8oz bottle.

c) A product naming issue, where a bot would reverse [Family Name] [Brand Name] (such as “Smucker’s Spreadables” forced to “Spreadables: Smucker’s” by the bot.)

All these were impossible to fix by normal approaches, but fixed in one call to the catalog team.

Amazon’s databases simply do not replicate properly, and what you change on the front end will never overwrite anything existing in the backend dataset.

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