Trying to turn personal account to business account. Help!

I listed one item and I got restricted. I am trying to change from personal to business account so I can move forward but I don’t see that option anywhere. Is it better to just start a new account for business? I was hoping to use the account I have already but despite it saying I can change this there is no option I can find. Thanks!

Do you mean individual to professional account? Do not open a second account.

Oops ... my bad ... this was for Amazon not eBay

Worth repeating …

Upper left … click wheel … select Account Info
On page that comes up in left menus, find Your Services and click manage

Inside menu, locate Selling on Amazon under the You are signed up for section, click Upgrade

Switch to a Professional selling plan

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Yes saw this earlier today, when we set up our account on Ebay prior to Sept 11 2001 I do not recall different options. We did set up by accident a Ebay Motors account.


I didn’t know there was a “business” account OTHER THEN paying for a “store”

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I figured it out. I finally got a hold of a rep that says I have to call to be verified to sell because they are missing some info. It was confusing because there was no message about what I had to do and first rep gave me wrong info and said I had to purchase more to be a verified seller.


I know it’s eBay, but it sounds like Amazon :laughing: