Two parents with the same ASIN. Error 8032

I have searched in this category and have not found any topic that deals with this problem. if I am wrong, please correct me.

The problem is that I have two parents that share ASINs. The consequence is that the detail page of either parent is the same. i.e. the childs of the two parents are mixed. They appear together on the detail page of either parent.

I always work by uploading files.
The variation theme I use is color_name
We are in the category of children’s wristwatches. Our watches are customized with the languages of the different countries we sell in (Europe and North America)

Sometimes it happens that I have a parent with too many children. So we decided to separate this parent into two different parents. For example, one for the English version models and one for the Italian version models.
What I do is to delete the original parent that contained the English version and the Italian version. I also delete all the children. I wait more than 24 hours. The relationship between parent and children is supposed to be gone, right?
No, it is not.

My process:
I make a file for each parent.
I change the titles of the two parents so they don’t match.
I upload the files separately. First the parent alone.
Then I upload the children one at a time.
There is always a time when one of the children causes the two variants to mix and I get the parents with the same ASIN.

This is a problem I face very often and rarely manage to solve. Only in a few specific countries, where I am lucky enough to find a knowledgeable seller support agent who is in the mood to work that day. Internally it eliminates the original bond between children and parents.

I hope the problem is understood. I appreciate you getting this far. Thank you!

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When you attempt to relist, are you using the same SKUs for the parent ASINs or are you using the same ones as before? If you are reusing, that could be causing the link to the old parent ASIN.


Paging @oneida_books - the foremost expert on variations…

We need your help here Rob. :hugs:


The only way I KNOW to have 2 items with the SAME ASIN is that at some point in time you selected an ASIN and “Added a Condition” from the drop down.

“Adding a Condition” duplicates the Original, so that you can create a new SKU for the “new” added item.
This is to allow you to sell (for example) a New and Used item, or an FBA and an FBA Small and Light item or an FBA and FBM item.

As you have noted, both the ASIN contain the same info. You can not change the “added condition” SKU without changing the original. Why? because it is the SAME ITEM. (and it is also NOT A PARENT). If you then MAKE it a parent, it no longer is a product, but a parent (a shell that contains children)

As to the variations - and splitting the parent into two, is a separate issue.

FIRST of all a PARENT, is simply a placeholder. It is NOT a product that sells, it simply is the shell that contains the product variations. IT CAN NOT BE SPLIT IN TWO.

In your excel file that you upload, the only data that needs to be entered for the PARENT is the SKU, Product Name, the word PARENT in the Parentage field, and the variation Theme. - THATS IS ALL. (though I also add the search terms (the Discovery Fields).

The Children are actual product - with whatever data you wish to put. In the parent SKU field, you add the PARENT sku, the Parentage field - the word CHILD, VARIATION in the Relationship type, and the variation Theme, enter the same Variation Theme you put for the PARENT.

To get out of your mess, I suggest you first restore the children, then delete the variation fields you had entered (4 fields), and partialupdate - wait 24 hours.

then (at the same time) list the children with the new parent sku, Parentage field, and variation theme.

So if you wish to split your children - make two parents and of course enter the different PARENT SKU to each, and corresponding Variation Theme that the parent has.


I can not modify my post above - too long.

But since you already said you deleted the parent and children, you might not have to restore the children as i said above and wait 24 hours. You might try to simply create NEW parents (per above). List the children with the new Parent SKU… etc.


I’ve done 100’s of Relationships and I’ve never seen ASINs cross like that. The only possibility I could imagine is using multiple SKU’s on the same child ASIN.

  1. For the parents
  • Use totally new SKUs for each
  • DO NOT give the parents ANY identifying data (like model #, etc.)
  1. For the children
  • Make sure you do NOT have 2 SKU’s on the same ASIN

Sorry I was slow to respond - Yard Sale … :roll_eyes:


This is most likely the right answer.

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Thank you very much for your reply.
When I relist, I always change the SKU for the parent ASIN.

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I must say that it was very nice to arrive on Monday morning, turn on the computer and see your responses. Thank you very much for taking the time to read and reply. I sincerely appreciate it.

I will try out your suggestions and let you know the outcome.


All our products are “new”. I always select “new” from the drop down menu in the column “condition_type”.

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I followed these steps and it worked quite well.

But there are always some children, just some, that remain linked to the old Parent. A parent that no longer exists in reality, since it is eliminated. That is, although I have the ASINs as standalone in my inventory, the product detail page shows them inside a variant.

It’s very funny when that happens, I love it.

So the only solution is to find someone competent at Seller Support and have them remove the relationship between those childs and the “ghost” parent.

My guess: this happens because we have listings in 7 European countries plus the UK. In some country there must be something in the amazing catalog that is not updating correctly. I guess that’s why I often have some monumental messes to organize parents in every country we are selling in.