Ugh, Amazon 🙄

Everything we sell is $XX.97. Never had any issues.



I removed the penny 4 hours ago and the ASIN is still active. I hate these stupid glitches.


Update: Amazon never refunded my money. My update on that shipment now says “Pending return of the Items”. In other words, if they got my empty envelope they just threw it in the trash and left the status like it was. Its a real ■■■■■ when you can’t pick up a phone and call someone to discuss this stuff. Yeah, I got my items delivered a few weeks late, but I also ordered 4 more water pumps that I wouldn’t have ordered without this mess. I don’t know why we worry so much about education. People are no longer required to think.


Whoever did this, I fixed it for you. This is by no means the worst bullet section I’ve seen, which is exactly why I took the time. You’re welcome. Signed, Just the Facts, Ma’am


“Biodegradable ABS”

At least that is what I think it indicates after calling out the materials. Having worked with this material in High School, then University, then in my first job after University at a plastics plant. It is not biodegradable. Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene will take several hundred years to break down in the environment.

We did recycle it by grinding it up and mixing it with the virgin materials for the injection molding machines. Though if we used to much the plastic would splay, as in get white streaks in it.

So why can sellers get away with lies like this? Yet I get up everyday to yet another warning about an error in a listing. Or a takedown, since something is not accurate as defined by the bot of the day.



Good guess! But no, it says “highly durable ABS”.

My thing is, don’t tell me that it’s “highly durable”. It’s a waste of my Buyer time to read that opinion from a Seller. Let me just google ABS if I’m that interested. Wait, maybe not… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::muscle:

ETA: The original but product/brand redacted. All the fluff, yikes :woman_facepalming: These bullets think they’re a product description.