Ugh, Amazon 🙄

Gotta a gripe with Amazon? Want to complain but a whole topic seems as petty as Seller Support closing your account for asking a question? Disappointed that Festivus is in December but Amazon is on your last nerve in February?

Well, this is the “everything” thread for you!

Drop your minor frustrations and annoyances here, set the topic to “tracking,” and get ready to commiserate with your SellersAskSellers community.

Ugh, Amazon :roll_eyes:

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A real annoyance selling on Amazon is all the duplicate listings using stock images from Ali,Wish & Temu selling the same exact mass produced and often counterfeit stuff.

Isn’t there a policy again duplicate listings?

Are there not many policies against selling counterfeit goods?

When pursuing Amazon I see this time and time again.

Don’t they have the power with A9, A10 or whatever they are on to simply pick up on these duplicate stock photos used time and time again?

No one cares but honest sellers selling actual authentic goods.

It is definitely a major roadblock for honest sellers with authentic goods.

Unfortunately because of the Ali,Wish,Temu crap being of such prevalence (not to mention crappy quality) customers seem to be getting burnt out and shop elsewhere more and more


They are getting around this with differing brand names and the sellers on Ali, etc don’t care what brand their stuff is named.

It is often a disappointing shopping experience to sift through the crap and scroll past all those identical photos. Most of them are spending on ads too so there’s even less incentive to clean it up.


It’s literally the same exact photos in both reg Amazon and Amazon Handmade from Ali,Wish,Temu for SO MANY ITEMS.

Thousands of duplicate items of all the same junk.

Does a simple Google image search have more ability to find duplicate stock photos on Amazon than Amazon has itself for it’s own site?

Don’t they know these bad actors not only are clearly breaking so many policies but this is making the general public mistrusting of Amazon so they shop elsewhere?


This is very accurate, especially since social media has recently had so many “how to sell on Amazon” videos showing people buying from Dollar Tree, Temu, etc directly to resell on Amazon. Plenty of consumers see that and avoid Amazon because that’s not the stuff or quality they want, while plenty of other consumers see that and then just go directly to the source.

Both groups thus avoid Amazon altogether. :grimacing:


My gripe? Any time that Amazon unilaterally and automatically enrolls any Seller into any program, instead of defaulting to “opt out”.


What they need to do is stop giving brand protection to “brands” who’s trademark only appears in the “brand” field.

That’s not a branded product and doesn’t have any legal protections, so they need to clean up the catalog and lump all those products into 1 ASIN.

Or for substantially similar products who’s only difference is which brand is stamped into it, lump them all into 1 parent ASIN and have each “brand” be a variation.

If they did this it would clean things up a lot. Would also piss off a lot of sellers, but not sellers they should care about since someone else will still be selling that duplicative item.


While I won’t disagree with any of the above (especially papy’s complaint about auto-enrollment) today’s announcement calls forth one of the worst IMO:

Changing the rules of what you are allowed to list mid-stream, then making the seller be the one to pay for removal orders.


To be fair, if you used any other 3PL company you’d be liable for all costs too if you’re unable to sell the inventory.

The issue is suddenly restricting things out of the blue with no warning.

Unless there’s a problem that requires immediate resolution (eg. product is recalled because it’s dangerous, c0ngress passed a law yesterday making said product illegal, etc), there should be 30 days notice before any restriction takes place.


I am not defending these sellers and what they do, but this is a self regulating process.

Most of these sellers never reorder the products after the first order, and voluntarily give up trying to sell the carp. If you had access to a liquidator’s inventory, as I do, you would see a lot of the ex-FBA stock being sold for pennies.

The core Amazon buyers rarely see any of these products because they tend to search differently than sellers do when viewing the site.

It is not just Amazon either. Ebay is full of products that sellers think is degrading the site and hurting their sales. But even on Ebay, it is other seller behavior which degrades the site.


A vendor return showed up today. My little jewelry box at the bottom of this huge box stuffed with tons of paper. On the bright side I can use it to send about 100 units in to FBA. :roll_eyes: :rofl:


When someone creates a listing and uses the “Generic” brand even though the brand is clearly identified on the product. Then you submit a ticket, cause you have the exact same item, directly from the BRAND that made the listing in the first place. Then they investigate and ask for photos that “show the unbranded item” and also “clearly show the brand” on the item.

Add to that, if you have more than one item with the same 5885 error, you open a second ticket, CLEARLY identify it as a SEPARATE and DISTINCT item on a COMPLETELY different ASIN, but get the auto rejection stating “You already opened this case, please wait till they resolve it, no need to open a second one” only to have to respond to that and request they actually read the information to show that it has nothing to do with that first case.


You had me at


This is probably ridiculously petty and off yall’s topic. But the other day I ordered 5 water pumps for my concrete crews. They are around $100 each.

Amazon notified that they would be shipped in two shipments. One of 4 and one of 1. About a week later, a few days past the estimated delivery neither order had still arrived. The order of 4 was showing shipped, but every time it set a delivery day it would cancel it that night and reschedule. The other one showed shipped but no updates.
Finally, I get a notice that one of them (the order of 4) was delivered to the front office and left with the receptionist. She never got any deliveries that day. We are a small office and I would have heard a delivery. She went to the businesses next door and neither got a delivery. So I wait a few days and I don’t get any updates on a mistake or whatever. So I start looking into how to notify amazon that no delivery was made. There is no box to check for that. And of course no numbers to call or chats to have. So, I try to find the closest match I can and that is to check a box that says “Items delivered with missing parts”. For this i have to return the partially delivered items. And I have to print a mailing label. So I print the mailing label and I can’t turn back at this point. I can’t uncheck the box or look for another solution. So I mail them an empty envelope with a note inside that says “I was delivered nothing, so all I can return is nothing”. Now I’m sure no one will read that or try to make any sense of it, so now I wait to find out if they refund my money.

Then, about 4 days later the postman suddenly delivers the opened box with my 4 pumps in it. So now I have the pumps but I can’t use them because I asked for a refund. I can’t call anyone to explain. And there’s damn sure no box to check to explain this mess.

And I never got the 2nd delivery yet, after about 3 weeks. I cancelled it today.


I would just use the pumps and not follow up on the return/refund request. Maybe they deny it (if they ask for follow up information and you don’t respond this is the most likely outcome), maybe they grant it, maybe they re-charge you. At this point just let them do whatever and forget about it. It’s hard enough to deal with the AI assisted customer service system for normal things, let alone when there’s something screwed up that happened.


that’s sort of what i’m thinking. It just seems so wrong. this AI assisted customer service is going to completely change how we all interact with each other. And not for the better.


I’ve also had an item arrive after reporting it as INR. When they issue the refund they do say “If it arrives later please return it” even though that’s not actually an option. I’m also not going to spend my time to figure out how to correct Amazon’s f up.


Today’s idiocy:

I listed a new pair of earrings at $25. Thirty minutes after the earrings were active, Amazon de-activated them because of “price discrepancy”.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Handmade and NO ONE else has these same earrings.

I changed the price to $25.01 and Amazon is happy again. :crazy_face:
I may or may not remove the penny at a future date.


$XX.99 or $XX.95 don’t seem to have issues for us. Bot might be looking at $XX.00 (double zero) as the trigger.


Save for maybe 20 listings ending in $XX.50, my entire catalog of 1600+ items is priced $XX.00