Ugh - Why do they do this nonsense???

Just spotted - what on earth is the reason for this? And it’s HUGE, so now people have to scroll even further to actually read reviews. Infuriating. It’s below each listing when you’re viewing it.

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I love etsy feedback. 99% of customers leave 5 stars and 1% are batshit crazy.

Also, side note, those don’t even add up to 100%. Fail.


No different than Amazon. Sometimes on Amazon, the review percent exceeds 100%. LOL SMH


Exactly. And when I looked at different listings they said 100% 5* so their code isn’t even accurate. I think I’ve had maybe 3 4* ratings out of almost 3900. The maths ain’t mathing. :roll_eyes:


I’m not seeing this yet, maybe it’s a test or slow roll out. I did notice that they’re showing review totals “for this item” and “for this shop”. Otherwise reviews are displaying to me as they usually do.

Oh great - multiple tests going on then. To me it’s all clutter - just show the product and description!

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