Units being put into FC transfer without scanning box labels?

We sent 3 pallets to SCK4 two weeks ago, they were delivered last Wednesday 10/11, and receiving started the following morning.

The pallet contents were as follows:

Pallet A: 96 boxes | 1 box = 1 unit (box, DNS (do not separate) and FNSKU label on the outside of each box/unit)

Pallet B: 119 boxes | 1 box = 1 unit (box, DNS and FNSKU label on the outside of each box/unit)

Problem Pallet C: 24 boxes - 14 are one SKU and 10 another, nearly identical product but different. 1 box = 38 units (box label on box and units in box labeled with FNSKU)

Pallet A and B show the correct quantities received however pallet C only shows they received 76 units (2 boxes of 38) for one of the SKUs and its showing they only received 1 unit of the other SKU.

Now what I’m suspecting has happened is that FC transfer has been initiated without them scanning all the box labels. I recall seeing topics on the OSFE about this happening but I can’t find them because the new search tool doesn’t work.

Perhaps this happens frequently but I have never had it happen on one of my shipments. On smaller LTL shipments it always shows the correct quantity has been accounted for within about 12 hours of receiving starting, usually less.

I’m curious to know how frequently you come across similar situations where units are not accurately accounted for before they arrive at their destination FC.

Happy Monday!

BUMPing for FBAers

I would wait at least a month, maybe two, before questioning anything that happens during the receive process in FBA. Since you merchant labeled it’s unlikely that there’s any kind of mixup once things pan out (if using FBA label service I always do 1 SKU per shipment to avoid confusion).


That’s what I would think but it seems they always find a way when it comes to messing stuff up. Hopefully units start slowly trickling into inventory next week.

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You have to wait and let the distro take place. You will just give yourself an ulcer or stroke if you don’t. I have a sold as set 2 pack that was received like this…

Anxiety for 8 days wondering when the customer complaints will arrive for them busting up my pairs.

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Lets put it this way.

Do you know why Amazon makes you wait a month before you can reconcile?

Because they know how f’d their receive process is and that it can take a month to get things straight.

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Boy ain’t that the truth. I refreshed that page like 47,000 times in the last few days

They finally confirmed receipt of the rest of the units this morning :relieved:

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Well in Amazon’s defense (yuck) two of my suppliers royally screwed us today which Amazon will have to figure out.
Vendor 1 forgot to put pallet labels on the pallets then shipped them out.
Vendor 2, despite double checks, sent the wrong product in to FBA and they chose to pay FBA labeling fees, contaminating the rest of the correct inventory with their stuff.

Then some A hole decided to use the middle of the street in a crosswalk zone as their personal pickup spot. We had words, about being lazy or having potential cognitive issues, as they could not understand why parents were giving them the stink eye and honking.

Oh boy, sounds like you have fun times ahead!

Pallet labels probably aren’t gonna be a big deal as long as the box labels are there. I feel like with vendor 2 though they need to be calling the freight company as long as its not AMZX (since you can’t) to get them to turn that shipment around ASAP.

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Too late. Delivered yesterday. Now all I can do is hope Amazon takes its sweet time receiving it so I can burn through as much of the known good inventory before the mix. At which point I will have to removal order the entire thing (300 oversize units).