UPS Remote Area Surcharges

Dear Seller,

Starting on 12-28-2023, UPS Remote Area Surcharges for product returns will be applied to your account at the time of label generation. These charges apply to UPS product returns with destination zip codes in remote areas, as determined by UPS.

Previously, these charges were applied to Seller accounts after UPS invoiced Amazon, typically two weeks after the package was shipped. Going forward, you should not receive surcharges from UPS for these locations after a label is generated, unless there are further changes to the location at the time of order return.

Thank you,

Amazon, Fulfilled by Merchant Team

I would like the see this charge before I purchase the label instead of being surprised by it after (immediately or not) but I’m just silly that way.

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Is there a tool to look up these zip codes?

Like the look up in USPS for zones in relationship to your zip code

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Applies to returns. So amazon auto generated labels. You never see the price till after they are purchased as it is.

So it does.
Reading is hard when one is too tired to properly open one’s eyes.


Don’t worry, I am SOOOOOO guilty of this soooooo many times on the OSFE

We are on the list. Thankfully we get very few returns and most of those are under 1 lb, so they come by USPS - usually.


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