Usering Customer Lists for Ad Targeting

I was wondering if anyone here uses their own customer lists (from all sales channels) to target the same or similar customers when advertising online?

If so, do you use a 3rd party plugin, or do you do it manually?

Looking for tips and suggestions.

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We use MailChimp to send out email blasts periodically to dirve traffic to our site. Our mailing lists are customers that registered on our site as well as customers that purchased from our main business. We have a plugin on our site which runs on Magento that automaticlaly adds new customers to our mailing list. We manually import our other customers into Mailchimp.

Since our Magento site also pulls in our Amazon and Ebay orders we had to filter Amazon and Ebay email addresses out of our list in Mailchimp.

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We use MailChimp as well

Edit: I’m looking to do FB, Google, IG, and TikTok ad campaigns.

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@Setalpz I do it manually by platform. This way I can further target by segments from my customer list.

I use a Shopify app to identify the segments first, though, and use that to inform ad targeting.

And I always include similar/lookalikes.

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Mailchimp is the way

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Do you use any other 3rd party apps for compiling customers from various channels?

Not exactly. I use a Shopify-integrated 3rd party email/newsletter app with single landing page and management for sign ups across ad (not sales) channels, also linked in pipeline emails to customers and in a slide-in box on the website.

:wink: Obvi I offer a variable 10-25% discount or free shipping on first WEBSITE order with sign up, depending on date/event.

So probably 98% of website customers are opted in to emails, from the site or ad channels, socials, etc.

But I don’t add shoppers from other sales channels, at all, manually or automatically.