USPS acceptance scans even more important in our area

USPS recently changed the routing for packages in our area (western North Carolina), resulting in an additional day for delivery for all our outgoing packages.

The previous distribution center scanned packages the same day we mailed them, but since Monday, 11/27/23, packages have been scanned at the new distribution center as long as 30 hours after leaving our local Post Office.

We’re fortunate our local Post Office scans every package we mail, so we’re covered for on time shipping, but this delay in scanning at the distribution center could be a significant problem for sellers using SCAN sheets or not getting acceptance scans at the time of mailing.

That is a significant delay and could artificially (and inaccurately) suggest that an order was shipped as much as two days after it was actually shipped.

It could completely moot Buy Shipping protection, without your local first scan.

You remember how drive thrus had a moment where they had a big ol’ digital timers at the window, guaranteeing something like less than 3 minutes from ordering to leaving with your food? And when what that really showed was how many different ways most orders took way longer than 3 minutes? So instead of getting speedier, they just changed when they started the 3-minute countdown, so that it looked like they improved?

Yeah…that’s what so many of these recent regional USPS changes feel like to me: not actually improving, just trying to look like improving–when “improving” just means less service and less speed but at superficial savings. :roll_eyes:

This happen to us September 12, 2023. We hand deliver our packages at the counter in our post office so everything gets scanned right then and there. Our old local distribution center (27 miles from us) use to scan about 10pm the same day. The new distribution center (100 miles from us) scans between 12:30am to 1:30am (sometimes later) the day following the original shipping day. Since we have 2 day handle time set up on all products, the later scan by the new distribution center doesn’t hurt us or void our Amazon Buy Shipping A to Z coverage if there is a problem with our local post office scanners (small rural town problems).

This change has definitely add at least one day into the total transit time. We use to see 2 to 4 days and now we see 3 to 7 days (and this started before what would be considered holiday shipping). In addition, there is no difference between transit times when comparing Ground Advantage to Priority Mail.

It will be interesting to watch over the next 3 to 4 months …

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My question is - why is this Louis DeJoy fellow not fired yet? He keeps breaking stuff that worked well, and service times go up, while prices go up.

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Reminds me of guaranteed 2 day delivery that somewhere got changed to 2 day delivery *from when shipped. But that is only sold by Amazon. SFP is still 2 days, heading for 1, heading for same day, heading for delivered yesterday.

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Due to the lines, we’ve been scanning in at the kiosk about every other day, rather than at the counter.

Though kiosk scans at our P.O. are usually accepted(scanned in same day by the employee who empties the blue bin next to the kiosk), since Dec. 10, we’re not getting acceptance from the kiosk. Thankfully, haven’t caused any issues but we’re got to hold our breath till end of Jan.