USPS Adjustments

Have you (or your shipper personnel) perhaps used the (free) USPS Branded Priority Ship Packaging on some GA Shipments, @Sundance ?


NO … the USPS Priority Mail packaging is for Priority Mail. If you use a Ground Advantage label on a Priority Mail packaging, then it will be up charged and it is illegal to use those packages for anything but Priority Mail.

Free Priority Mail packaging or Paid Priority Mail packaging (yes this is a USPS service) must be used for the Priority Mail service.


please read the OP i have quoted (& responded to). I think you are repeating exactly what I am referring to.


@Sundance issue was different and didn’t involve using Priority Mail packaging.

There seem to be some bugs that were in the USPS systems with 3rd Party providers of USPS services after the implementation of Ground Advantage. One example we can give was Amazon charging $8.05 for a Priority Mail Flat Rate envelope going to Hawaii but the USPS program only allowed that for the lower 48 states. Anything going off shore including Hawaii and Alaska was to be $8.50 for Priority Mail Flat Rate envelopes. We got hit with an upcharge for 3 Priority Mail Flat Rate envelopes that we sent to Hawaii because of this until Amazon corrected their system.

Ground Advantage Cubic has dimensions and weight requirements. If you messed up on either, it could trigger an upcharge. There again, there have been some 3rd Party providers of USPS services that have struggle to get the parameters correct in their systems.

What makes it frustrating is you are presented with the price, select it, pay for it and then find out that the price was wrong because of the system programing being wrong when you get hit with the upcharge.


No, all packages are either plain boxes or plain white .bubble mailers