USPS Notice of Tracking Down Time on Wed Nov 8, 2023


USPS notice on tracking being down this Wednesday Nov 8, 2023

Alert: On November 8, 2023, the Tracking application will be unavailable for a period during routine maintenance. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Thank you @Lost_My_Marbles!

Unfortunately no additional details from USPS that I could find.

At least they warned us this time. Normally it just has gone MIA with no notice.

Hopefully the USPS can do an update faster and better than a certain large ‘technology incapable’ business we all love/hate…

I’m more worried that Amazon will screw something up and tank all our VTR metrics.

Has anyone seen anything about this today? It appears to be functioning at the moment.

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Been functioning all day for me. Something was marked as delivered within 20 minutes of it being delivered at my house


I tried to print a SCAN form at about 3 CST and all I got was the gerbil wheel going around and around on Endicia/Dazzle.

Doesn’t matter, they’ll get scanned eventually…
And of course it’s now available but my one man PO is closed already…

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It seems to be back up. We take expensive books to the window for an in-person scan and it worked this afternoon.

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