USPS Scan Sheet Help

How can we see what’s on the USPS Scan Sheet? Sometimes, I have orders on there that don’t match up with what I have ready for the day. Is there a way to figure this out? I wish they would include the list of orders with that scan sheet.


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Yes, please. Thank you!


Done and thank YOU for a great question. I’m stumped, hoping others have the right answer speedily.


I can only see the tracking numbers on my Stamps(.com) USPS Scan Forms which is tied into my ShipWorks software.

Amazon Buy Shipping does not print the optional 2nd page which has the Instructions and Print Details.

click for image of page 2


How can we see what’s on the USPS Scan Sheet? Sometimes, I have orders on there that don’t match up with what I have ready for the day.

Not sure if this helps, or if you already know about it, but Amazon’s system auto-generates a scan form overnight to clear out the day’s shipped orders, so if you buy labels the night before for shipping the next day, this might explain why the counts don’t match.

The system used to generate these forms around 1 am Pacific time, but now it appears to have switched to 9 pm. I didn’t create these scan forms with just 1 item on them.

The orders on the current scan sheet should be everything you shipped since the last scan sheet was created. So it should always add up. I never double-check mine though. As long as you don’t give the carrier fewer packages than the scan sheet says, they don’t care.


I don’t use scan sheets anymore my carrier(s) do not have a problem with scanning each item individually.


It seems that the cut-off time changes from day to day. Overnight, I usually see a scan sheet generated for the previous day, but that did not happen today. I normally make a scan sheet just before going to the post office, so all the ones on the scan sheet should be from the last trip to the post office. There shouldn’t be any extra packages. Today, there were 5 packages on the scan sheet, but only 4 were going out. I double-checked on the ship page to see if I was losing my memory, but no. There were only 4 created yesterday.

I would not use these scan sheets except that the postal clerks hate scanning them in one by one.


Your postal staff must be really lazy if they want a scan sheet for just 4 packages. :grimacing:

If you have a manageable number of shipments for the last couple days, I’d go back over them one by one, and check the time stamps on Amazon. All packages on the same scan form should have the same initial scan time.

If you had 5 on your form today, it shouldn’t take too much time to find the ‘extra’ one.

This is what the scan from the scan form shows -

Wed, Mar 29, 2023, 12:56 PM PDT Package arrived at a carrier facility.

What you might also do is try and generate a scan form tonight (that shouldn’t have any packages on it) just to confirm that you and Amazon are on the same page that there are currently 0 packages for the next form. Amazon should give a message that you can’t create a form because there aren’t any packages.

Do you buy any of your shipping labels the night before? If so, are you changing the ship date to the next day?


Seriously, I don’t know why they complain about my packages. It’s not that many, and it’s less work for them because I have them all labeled. I mean, the other customers in line have nothing ready; they have to give those customers forms, have them fill out the forms, and sell them the postage. The clerks don’t ever complain about those customers. All they have to do is can my packages, but they want me to do it at the kiosk, which warns us that the scans aren’t acceptance scans. I want them to do it, but they grumble. Since I’ve been bringing scan sheets, they have been all smiles.

About the miscount, I didn’t bring the scan sheet with 5 packages to the post office, because they count the packages to make sure the number match, which they didn’t. So, I can’t check to find the extra one. I never change the ship date to the next day.


The scan sheets from Amazon are also not acceptable scans; the only acceptable scan that Amazon recognizes for A-z claims (shipped on time) is when the package/label is scanned.


Do you have that many problems with your shipments to make this worth your while? I know USPS performance can vary wildly by location, and I’m lucky to have great service in my area. As a result, I don’t worry if the packages get an initial scan or not. If you rarely/never need it, then it doesn’t make any difference if you get it.

I use a scan form to make it easier for my mail carrier. I also usually ship a day or two early, so that increases the odds of packages getting a ‘real’ scan before the ship-by date passes.

Unless you have trouble with INR’s, you might think about skipping the counter and just dropping your packages in the outgoing bin.


Same here; we just drop off our packages at the designated area at my local PO; there are simply too many for the postal worker to scan and waiting in line each day is not something any of us want to do. :sweat_smile:

It is very seldom that the packages are not scanned on time. Good advice about shipping a day early, that would definitely increase the odds.


Or just schedule pickups every day. You can schedule them all at once on the USPS site.