USPS self service Kiosk return scam.

Have a return from a customer.
RFS etc…

The item was scanned “accepted” per the Amazon system. When I checked the USPS site because there was no movement the status is “scanned at SSK awaiting package”.

The customer got the refund, and it seems I am screwed because Amazon will tell me to file a claim and USPS will reject it because they never received the package for acceptance.


Well that’s interesting. We don’t have a self service USPS kiosk in the area that I know of, but I can see how they could be abused


Me neither I had to google it. The first answers were USPS then an article on Ebay on not to use them for returns as they can be abused.

5 Likes - I understand they are no longer involved with theft and are now having to ‘stand guard’ at facilities - But it might worth reporting


This sounds like a dealer or someone very well-acquainted w/ shipping services (Scammers usually are). Heck, in in the last two days I’ve had to explain the USPS “new” GPS system(how long has it been in place, 5 years,six?) plus how-to-use signature confirmation to a pair of " average" buyers, so knowledge about the mail system doesn’t seem to be general or high-level.

We have a kiosk in our P.O.and we sometimes use it when the counter line is too long.BUT USPS employees must scan acceptance of the parcels in the blue bin. the big weakness of the system!

If you didn’t use a kiosk, I would definitely contact the US POSTAL INSPECTOR Call your local office(often in either a main PO or a town large enough to have a Federal Building) rather than filing a complaint on-line. We’ve had nothing but excellent interactions w/ them.


This phenomenon was actually complained about many times in the last few years of the OSFE’s existence (and even before that, @ least as far back as the Age Of Jive),Note 1 and IIRC, more than one member of the SAS who is still participating over in the NSFE has mentioned the distinct possibility that using a SSK - from both the seller- AND buyer-side of things - can still prove problematic for an Amazon 3P Seller (not so much for the member of Buyer Community, of course, which consideration - as we all know all-too well - IS Amazon’s always-looming ‘First Prerogative’…).

I am in agreement with our friend @TJB concluding recommendation - we ourselves never hesitate to raise issues like you’ve presented directly to the USPS OIG (and not merely when postal services are directly involved, because all carrier transactions in matters of ‘mail order delivery,’ eCommerce-related or not, remain by Federal Statute within that entity’s purview).

Note 1

I’d have to do some digging into the archives to recover the URLs of those OSFE threads, and then determine whether or not Katie Come To Poison Play banished currently-accessible webpages from public view - but as always, one or another Citational Reference (URL, or recorded text, or otherwise) is available upon request.


Yep we’ve been burned once by this, too. Of course the Safe-T claim will be denied because Amazon will say the item is on the way….we’ve been through that. Luckily it just happened once and was for a low dollar item.


A P.O. near me has a kiosk and they are saying prepaids have to be scanned at the kiosk, they refuse to do it at the counter even when the scanner is out of order. I know that policy is BS and if I had to go there often I’d be reporting that up the chain of command. There’s no bin either so I take it from the scanner over to the end of the counter where there’s always a pile. Shadiest PO in my area but it’s open an hour later than the others.

I believe the OP is a case where the buyer used a kiosk to scan the prepaid return label and then walked out with the package instead of putting it in the bin.
Very unsecure setup.


Ok all I can say is HOLY CRAP!

Opened a case with SS. Got the usual form letters x2. then to reopen the case I had to go to live service.

I spoke to an American based person who understood me, looked at the evidence then did the following.

  1. got me a credit against the refund. (was under other payments)
  2. filed a violation against the buyer
  3. put in a recommendation that they close this loophole.

I didn’t have to jump through hoops, she actually did all the work,


Score one for the good guys and gals - you yourself, and the Amazonian who not only went to bat for you, but ‘choked’ up her grip & proceeded to knock one out of the park.


YES! It’s a start.


This person will be “promoted” to a new position, where they know nothing and have no tools to make change. (Sarcasm button employed)


This is an example of winning the Amazon lottery…by getting someone in the US who actually understands English and will do something about an issue.

However, it’s just that…a 1 in a 1,000 chance you get someone like this when you contact support and it’s definitely not the norm or what you should expect…ever.


I use to get some results when calling seller support.

Of course that was before this thingy called the internet.


We also have a kiosk and years ago I took a look, and from what I remember it CLEARLY STATES that scanning and placing the item in the kiosk DOES NOT CONSTITUTE ACCEPTANCE.


It still says that.


Yep but the Amibots see it as a scan.

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It will be interesting to see what, if anything, that SEAmod can do in this apparent UPS Store SSK-scam situation:

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they succeeded.

They got a credit and the ODR hit will be removed.