USPS supply order not shipped but completed

Is anyone having problems receiving free supplies from The United States Postal Service?

I have been trying to order Flat Rate Padded Envelopes since April.

None of my orders have tracking and they show Processing but also show Completed. Very confusing.

Click for image of order 4/12/2024

Click for image of order 4/24/2024

Click for image of order 6/21/2024


there is a commerical number you can call and order them in quantities of over 100.

That is what we used to do. Now almost all the orders we shipped with the padded flat rate are going Ground


As @Thelunatick notes, if you haven’t checked prices the service time on Ground Advantage and Priority are almost the same most days AND the costs for GA are a lot less!

I haven’t shipped a Priority item in weeks/months.

Of course business sucks so I haven’t shipped much of anything lately. :pouting_cat: :pouting_cat:


@Old-Timer I haven’t run into any issues with USPS supply orders, and I know you have allll the contacts already, but just in case :smile:


Thanks. That is the number I called and spoke with a polite real person.

She was not sure why my orders are not shipping but the kind USPS lady placed a manual order for me, and she will call me tomorrow with an update on the shipment status.

Unfortunately, she was not able to delete or cancel the previous 3 orders. And she has no idea if they will actually ship.


We always let our local post office know we placed an order. That way they do not mistake it for a shipment being pushed out the the local post office from USPS headquarters.

Since you are ordering online, we would only suggest to make sure you are ordering in multiples that create a full box shipment. We order the small 6 x 10 USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate envelope. A full box is 400 units so we order 40 (USPS site has them set up a 1 = 10 envelopes). Since the local post offices are not allowed to order the 6 x 10 size, we always give the local post office what they need out of our box (the locals like the size).

To us, yours does look like some sort of USPS site glitch. Here is what ours looks like even after it has been delivered (notice that it doesn’t say Order Complete)

After thought ...

We can’t remember what a full box of the padded is but that is how we ordered them also.


A full box of the padded flat rate envelopes is 100. We used to order them by the box and share with our local Post Office since they are not allowed to order them.


For shipping our customized products:

When I ship to California from Georgia, I prefer to pay a little extra for the delivery to be completed in 2 days versus 5 days with Ground Advantage.

Box 4 x 4 x 4 inch at 5-lbs shipping = $8.00 + 26¢ for the box = $8.26
Priority Small Flat Rate Box at 5-lbs shipping = $8.71 + free box = $8.71

50¢ is the savings breaking point and it is getting close.

The USPS supplies ordered via phone where never shipped either.
The USPS lady who placed the phone order did not call back the next day as she mentioned she would.

The good news, my order from June 21st finally shipped and delivered on July 9th. The prior 2 orders have not yet shipped.


We have (quite) a few cases of them
If you need in a hurry I would be more than happy to ship you a quantity…


Thanks, I will keep the offer in mind if supplies run out. Appreciated.


Do you need them??? Lmk


Thanks again for the offer.
The USPS did send us the latest order and we are stocked now.