Variations - Drop Down Menu vs Selection Box

Do any of you know why some variation items have drop down menu and others have a selection box?

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Basically because of a couple/few of different reasons from what I’ve seen.

  • The amount of children
  • The multiple coders writing up things
  • The category

Having seen some of the back-end code (XSD’s and MWS) to build my own MWS app, I noticed the use of different terms for the same Element (example: Merchant ID vs Seller ID) and different basic structure.

I tested once to see the # of children and how it affected the dropdpwn/selectionbox (as it is mostly the reason I’ve seen) but I don’t recall the amount it switched at.

With changes to the product pages I don’t even know what still holds true.


So with our current debacle of having one item cleaved our product parent, the listing went from item box to drop down for all products.

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The amount of children

My observations support this.

I agree and thats what I thought but with one item cleaved I would be reducing an item not adding, and it went from boxes to drop down selection. I am thinking it is a category node change.