Veeqo for transactions other than Amazon? We just signed up!

Hello I saw a thread from February regarding Veeqo and other shipping platforms. We just signed up for Veeqo today and I wanted to see if anyone had any further thoughts on the software. Does anyone use Veeqo for shipments other than Amazon? Thanks


Welcome to SAS !

We have not used Veeqo but wanted to extend a welcome to you!


No Veeqo for me either - Does not offer First Class Mail Rates

On the NSFE there was a day last week that a Veeqo rep answered questions.

I took a look, as the lack of First Class Mail is the only reason I would consider, but in one of the first q’s the rep said that FCM will NOT be implemented. hence I did not read the rest.

Might take a look at the thread and message any that currently are using.


Welcome to SAS! Gonna tag @Old-Timer in case they have insight for you.


I did for about 6 months but no longer use the service.

** Advice: Only add 1 store at first. Do not add a 2nd store until after you are 100% happy with all your listings in Veeqo. They link products and it gets odd. After the 1st store is 100% perfect and complete then move to adding another store to Veeqo. **

Veeqo support is very slow. They have taken 2-3 weeks to reply and months to fix technical things.
Due to the number of issues and glitches, we no longer use the service.

Veeqo had a glitch with Imperial vs. Metric measurements being uploaded to Seller Central. This glitch caused numerous return package adjustments that took forever to get reimbursed.

I recently thought about using Veeqo again because of the 60 day 5% “cash back/ rebate” offer but it is not worth it for our company.

The numerous daily credit card charges for shipping are frustrating.
The refund system is extremely hard to reconcile and impossible unless you keep your own records outside of Veeqo.

Veeqo did have First Class Mail Package service but does not offer the 63¢ stamped letter service.
I removed Veeqo’s access to our Amazon store so I cannot see if Veeqo offers USPS Ground Advantage (formerly First Class Package) but they should.

I will wait another year before trying Veeqo again.
I am very happy with ShipWorks.


Thank you @Old-Timer :pray: great info!


Case in point:


Yet another case in point:

https: //

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Sounds like a nightmare.


To be fair, it must be admitted that there exists a reason why Amazon bought out Matt’s offering.

It remains to be seen whether or not that move proves to be another AWS-type venture, or yet another boondoggle.

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@GoLakers, I realize that you (like me) are probably in mourning-mode over the the last loss to the defending champs, but may I ask if you’d care to share any updates on your experience with Veeqo?

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I thought they would win that game, but you have to make free throws and the Lakers missed a ton in that game. We have been using veeqo regularly. I like it because you can pay via cc in weekly lump payments versus Amazon charging freight (USPS) on every transaction. The downside, customer service is a little lacking. Veeqo tries too much to automate the process but I think that is the direction most customer service is going. So for now, we are more satisfied with veeqo for Amazon (Ebay too) then buying the freight through Amazon. I hope I answered your question? Still cheering for the Clippers!