Vendor Central "forgot" our UPCs?

This question is specifically for folks who also sell on Vendor Central.

In this morning’s POs, approximately half of the line items did not have UPC codes. Instead, the External ID column had “ISBN: (the ASIN)”. After speaking to a rep at Amazon US, he advised us to cancel the affected line items and NOT to ship them, as if we did, we would end up with discrepancies because the warehouse would not be able to associate the UPC barcodes with the PO line items.

The Amazon Canada rep told me something similar, but that they had no record of UPC codes for the items in question, and that we need to update our catalog. I had her pull up our catalog and she confirmed that they are, in fact, there.

Our IT department was able to write a patch for our software so we can import the orders with the wrong external IDs, but I’m very wary about shipping those items, due to what the Amazon rep told me.

Has this happened to anyone else? What were you told?


I bet this is because the new templates that dropped today


So this is Amazon’s Q4 surprise monkey wrench? I shouldn’t be surprised.

Checking off we have a post about it here yet, but welcome to glitchmas!