Verification after prolonged vacation mode?

I’ve heard people have to sometimes do reverification after a prolonged vacation mode. Regarding this, I have two questions:

  1. How long does Amazon consider “prolonged”?

  2. If we do FBA, is our account considered active (not really on vacation) and therefore we do not risk needing to do reverification?

I’m not really afraid of reverification so much as the risk that they may shut down my store “temporarily” while I’m going through it. If at all possible, I’d like to avoid it.

Good question. In the past, I’ve put my store on vacation for almost three weeks with no problem. I will be putting it on vacation again soon possibly for a longer period of time. I will see what happens.

You can still add listings while your store is on vacation, I’ve done that several times.

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I have put my store on vacation mode for several weeks. That is the FBM part. I continued to do the FBA part - stocking inventory to Amazon - and when I took off the vacation mode, everything was fine.
That was my experience.