Virtual Bundles ?????????

I probably should have asked this question here before I spent the last 10 hours setting up 12 virtual bundles but… Took time to re-write listings and make new bundle images… The actual setup of the 12 took 40 mins.

Has anyone here done these, and if so, any sales???

The bundles I set up sometimes sell together anyway but I am trying everything I can to try and meet our 2023 sales goal…

I even turned FBA export back on, painstakingly researched the 104 countries on the list of 7 continents to see which ones allow sales of these types of products (there are restrictions and customs busted us in the past when we went all in)…

Funny thing about that is Amazon had made some of our products ineligible in the past. I’ve had Export turned off since Feb of 2023. When I turned it back on, everything was eligible again, even listings that were ineligible from day 1.

Amazon is so broken folks, it’s not even funny.

Anyway… Anyone ever use bundles and if so - do they sell??? (Back on topic). Haha

PS - if you do set up bundles, they clog up your manage inventory on desktop / mobile, even though they are virtual listings… SOOOOOOOOOOOOO DUMB!!!



No. I’ve tried to use it, but I can’t do it with a brand registry waiver.

The two bundles we have do not sell. Never.

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I have done it in the past with mixed results. From my experience, it really matters how complimentary the items are. I had one bundle that did well because the items were complimentary, people would probably buy both of them anyway. Other bundles that people might buy together didn’t do well at all.

The real reason I quit doing them was cost. I priced the bundles lower than the cost of both items purchased separately to make it an attractive offer. The issue with virtual bundles is you pay the full pick, pack ship fees for all items. Essentially, I just lowered my margins versus customers buying them separately. I stopped doing them and created a new combined product of the virtual bundles that actually sold well. Now I only pay the one pick, pack, ship fee to sell multiple products at a reduced price but my margins actually increased.

Since you’ve done the work already, I would let them ride for a while and see what you get. If you find some bundles that do well, create a new listing and send them in as a set. Basically use your virtual bundles for testing.

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(Edit: ditto the above post. An employee dragged me away from my desk before I posted)

My boss was not in favor of Virtual Bundles because the Amazon Fees and Fulfillment Fees were the same per item.

My boss prefers creating our own multi-ASIN listings with special packaging to reduce the fees associated between the ASINs.

Side note: My thought, which I did not mention to management, is to offer the virtual bundles and then create our own multi-ASIN listings as the victuals tend to sell.


So now you offer male enhancement pills AND a creme on a single page?


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