Wall dispenser ?

Before I ask about wall dispenser – when looking where to post this, it seems we don’t have a category for just general selling questions regardless of platform.

I foolishly, stupidly tried to make a roll of A-flute go onto the dispenser without first inserting a core. This roll was so tightly wound I absolutely could not loosen the center and pull it out.

With great difficulty and to the detriment of the wall unit, I got it on there.

Then I eventually had to work much harder and do further damage to get it back off and do what I should have – lay it down and work my way from outside in, loosening.

But, back to why I am posting. I tried searching for this. Don’t know what to call it. Closest I got was something vaguely similar but only handles rolls up to two feet in diameter.

A flute is a bit larger than that.

Would love to find the exact same thing.

Any suggestions – what it’s called, where to find?


I tried “wall mount double arm packaging roll dispenser” and got some similar hits. Maybe a jumping off place?

@bookwormapril I also recategorized to E-commerce Business Management


Any luck @bookwormapril ?


Thank you.

I wrestled with it with what muscle power I have left to me, and it’s semi-restored to the previous state. Certainly not “good as new”, but the right hand arm no longer slopes downhill at such an alarming angle. I think I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that I haven’t seriously wounded it.

New roll of A-flute installed and it’s behaving much better than the last one.

I remember looking for that type item all those long years ago, but no idea where we got it and couldn’t remember what it was called. None of the wall dispenser units seem to understand that a roll resting against the wall is not ideal for dispensing.

Hence the twine / copper wire / S hooks contraption on the ceiling holding the arms up.


I should have explained better to start – I wanted to be prepared in case I had to order something right away if the forcing didn’t go well. I think I pushed it (literally) all I had better dare.